WTF Happened to Auntie Vivica?!

She is was the original Fox.

How you gonna go from this:

To this…

Vivica, DAMMIT, what happened?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?

You use to be so pretty and sexy.
Now, you look like it hurts to smile… on both our faces.
I remember seeing you for the first time in Set It Off and I fell in love with you.
I even cried when they killed your character off.
Then, you sealed the deal with Two Can Play That Game.
You have a way of talking and acting that intrigues me.
You come off so down to earth and REAL.

But, why come you look this way now??

I need you to figure this out and try again.

the NEW Fox.

P.S – Kudos on pulling that fine yungin’.
I hope he has a job!
It’s all love Auntie!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “WTF Happened to Auntie Vivica?!”

  1. I’m done defending Viv. I actually used to go into the comment sections of blogs and do that when they’d make fun of her…Shes a lost cause. This woman was literally my first rush when she was on that show Out All Night. I used to rewind-pause-and slow mo that scene from Independence Day where they showed a side view of her in a gstring. I’d beat my meat to that…No joke…She now looks like an old White socialite who hosts botox parties on the weekends…I understand falling victim to the pressures of Hollywood,,,But this is too much…

    She needs to dump her young boyfriend. Can you imagine being in ur mid 40s trying to keep up with a man in his mid 20s? Sounds cute on paper, and everyone immediately thinks how great the sex must be, but no…That man is a vegan and a fitness guru…Viv being a woman whos weight fluctuates…Not to mention at 27 he still has oates to sew…Shes fighting a losing battle and it shows on her face. She could have found her a rich business man who would worship her like Tyra,,,Instead she trynna cut the years away from her face so she don’t look like her ”fiancees’ mama…Its sad, and like I said…IM DONE….

  2. I cant with the long hair and the hound dog face. Lawd send a revival for Aunt Viv cause she her face is crying out to the rocks. She is a shoe-in for the role of Ms. Kitty on the remake of Gunsmoke. I am lifting her up in prayer because this is pure foolishness. Maybe it was just bad lighting and camera angles.

  3. 50 Cent is what happen to Ms. Fox after she got into the mix with him she lost all of her Hollywood Leading black lady creds and her career has never been the same. 50 is like Diddy no one has ever had any long term interactions with him and come out intact; truer words have never been spoken. ;-O

  4. Viv is still a beautiful lady,and will make movies for some time. Fuck-the-hell-outta Young Slimm while you gott him viv, folks just h8ting on ya cause aint no-body at them.

    Happy for Vivica in Atlanta

  5. She’s a Monet “From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess…” – Cher Harowitz

    Man I hope that face came with a reciept. Tragic. She puta “kick me” sign on HERSELF. Who does that?!

  6. She has looked better, but she doesn’t look horrendous. I’m sure if she drops some weight and lays of the botox she’ll be alright. And as someone else said, whether her man is there to stay or just in a fly by night situation, make sure you fuck the hell out of him every day. Dude is foine.

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