Did Chris Brown Just Lick Her Knee?

I think he did…


I see you Breezy.
I do…

Also in other Breezy news:

Chris Brown‘s word is his bond — weeks after the singer promised to reward the fan who returned his $22 thousand watch at the VMAs … he came through.

Breezy rolled through the fan’s hometown of Cincinnati last night … and he hooked the girl, Alisha,  up with 2 great seats to his concert at the Riverbend Music Center.

Chris also met with Alisha to thank her face-to-face … then invited her to hang with him and his entourage before the show to eat some cake.  And Chris threw in a signed picture for good measure.

As we previously reported, CB accidentally tossed the diamond-encrusted Rolex into the crowd at the MTV awards last month … Alisha caught it and gave it to Chris’ bouncer.

Um I’m sorry,
but I would have requested some:


Fuck THAT.
She stupid.

The perfect “I gave you back a 22 thou watch so break my back into a gazillion pieces” thank you present….
… from A yung, dumb, and fulla cum Wolf.

She could have took that watch to the pawn shop and had a nice down payment on a condo.
Again: she stupid.


11 thoughts on “Did Chris Brown Just Lick Her Knee?

  1. See vixens are so dumb he woulda had to put in serious serious work to get that 22k watch back. Cause times are hard and that can pay the rent for a few months

  2. Security approached her and she gave it back…It aint like the heffa flagged them down. People saw where the watch went and who picked it up…Not saying that she wouldn’t have returned it,,,But given the proper opportunity she may have kept it…I knw I would have…Meanwhile I’d luv to lust over Chris and some of these other youngins,,,But I dunno. I wonder if they know how to wash they ass properly. My cousin said she found shit stains in her live in boyfriends drawls…Makes me wonder if straight men spread they cheeks in the shower and wash up yonder…

  3. She returned his $22k watch and all she got was some tickets, a picture, and some cake? That wouldn’t work with me.

    And I wonder if she was invited back to the hotel room? I hope she was into S&M because he’s definitely going to hit you… with something.

  4. Maybe she did. That’s the part that didn’t get reported to TMZ…when he slipped her his hotel room key 😉

    And I thought Chris(tina) had cakes?

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