I’m Better In Your Fantasies…

This is a question I have had on my mind…
and have been meaning to ask…


Have you ever gotten with someone who did not live up to your fantasy?

Or, have you had a crush on someone and they did something that turned you off… for good?


Care to share?

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17 thoughts on “I’m Better In Your Fantasies…”

  1. Yes, its like Beyonce song, “Best Thing I Never Had” occasionally with me. I will meet someone and I am very energetic person so most love my energy, but I ususally find out they smoke, and I just like am so turned off. I do not like people who smoke or do drugs regularly. I have over time begun to accept those who some some weed from time to time to celebrate like some of my fairly successful close friends do, but I do not like person that does drugs for the heck of time, its pointless to me. In addition, I get turned off by dudes who endulge in “unsanitary fetishes”. Define that as you would like, but its just not me and I’m pretty sure its something you have to hide so why do it.

    1. Funny you should mention that, cuz I can deal with someone who smokes weed occasionally before I’d deal with a smoker (cigarettes). Funny how that is…though if you’re sparking every day (or even every other day) we have a problem.

      As to the question, yes – who hasn’t? I’ve also had some experiences that far surpassed what I thought would happen too…

  2. Ha! I went to school with the guy in the picture.

    Yeah, I’ve been let down but not on crushes. Fantasies yeah… let when you see someone who’s fine and then get close and hear them speak or find out that they’re an abuser.

    1. I like nothing about him, but his eyes. I would have to stop myself from staring at them.

      Fantasies are just that – idealized things, so it’s only natural that they don’t live up to our (often unrealistic) expectations.

  3. Well I would like to share a experience I had:

    Sometimes when I’m traveling to work or class, I am checking purely for wolves just to look at during my travel. So usually during my route there I always see all these dudes of all different racial diversities walking to the train and I would always see either one of these two particular dudes. One is a older guy, about 30 something and a lawyer, and the other is a just a student. I usually smile at them when I see them and say Good Morning.I would see them from time to time either going or coming so Finally one day I spoke to the student and introduced myself and walked away with his number, going home and we started texting. I found out he stays with his sister. Well that night, since we live in the same nieghborhood, I invited him to go to the gym with me since I go atleast 4 times a week. He declined and said he’d meet me after and he bring me a gatorade. I went to the gym and worked out and on my way out I call the student and he is not answering his phone, so I’m like ight I’m wait for a while, so then I saw the lawyer dude so I speak to him also and we begin talking about his job to my future professional aspirations. Nevertheless, I take a moment and call the student again and he again isnt answering and its been like almost an hour and a half. So I’m like, Ight dude stood me up so I’m just chill and talk to the lawyer dude because he’s mad cool. So eventually the student meets me and says he was busy over his friend house to smoking. I in my head am like oh wow dude, so he’s like come on lets chill and I told him, No you just stood me up to smoke and moreover I’m talking with someone, I’m not about to leave cause you ready.. Need less to say he got madd and called be a typical cute dude, because all cute boys are the same.. Recently I saw him and he has colored his hair red, and I found out he’s a hybird that goes from one friends house to another smoking and not doing anything with his life really, and his sister kicked him out becuase he was becoming a issue with her. SMFH. “Thank God I Dodged The Bullet”

    Sorry I know that was a little long winded but I want the deatils to be understood.

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