The foX-Factor

If I could have a show named The foX-Factor?
It would have a line up of my favorite Foxes: Vain, Maddy, and Nerd.
We would look for America’s Best Wolf.
I’d be very interested in the shirtless and fitness categories…







But since I will work on that for future fun…
Today, we will talk about the show XFactor…

Has anyone been watching this show?
It is ten times better than American Idol.
I love the audition part of it… and then I usually skip until the season finale.

I had to share two of the auditions I remember vividly…


He got on my nerves.
He was way to extra and as usual, was the stereotypical gay guy with a lot of attitude.
I think he did horrible and was confused as to why he was sent ahead.


^how a Fox likes him.

Thank God he got rid of that awful hair he had in this last entry.
Thank God he was all oiled up and ready for me to sex him when he got back from his audition.
We play sex games like that 😉

If you have been watching, how do you like the show?

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21 thoughts on “The foX-Factor”

  1. I haven’t been watching. Now that I knw Terrell is on…Eventho he seems to prefer queeny Latino dudes *rolls eyes* I woulda kept his secret til the grave…All he’d halfta give me is sum good head here n there…Oh well…You live and you learn. I bet dude only dates in the industry now. Only those who have something to lose…I don’t blame him. I just wish I coulda hit it….

    1. I’m sure he was doing the hittin,,,But you gotta be a special dude to top me…Aint happened yet,,,Prolly won’t happen til I get The Game alone…And slip his ass a roofie…Even then that dream ends with me diggin in…Im gone halfta tune in next week to the Xfactor. They say the ratings aren’t great. Hopefully Terrell gets what he needs out of this show…

  2. Wayment, what’s he doing on X-Factor? Tyler mad at him or something? He stopped putting out? I’m confused…

    But boy would I throw them legs back & make him sing for Daddy! lol

  3. Terrell is fine as hell even though he has the unfortunate preference for butch queens of the latin variety (not being racist). He could still get it. And with his speaking voice he’d definitely have to leave me voice messages throughout the day. Don’t care for the singing.

    But back to FoX-Factor. What an outstanding idea! I’d have a lifetime contract to do a show like that! That would never get old. Shirtless and fitness categories will probably be the main event. Not really interested in the Q & A portion unless it’s about what they’re going to do with me and the money they’ll win.

    Or maybe we can find basic wolves and turn them into the wolves of some lucky person’s dreams. We’d be doing a service to society. Borderline Nobel-worthy contribution to society. They’d make statues of us.

      1. But really. We can take dusty, average wolves and turn them into marriage-grade wolves. We’d give them personal trainers… stylists… give them classes on swag, emotional availability, tips on dating, and getting their finances together.

        We can call it “Trade School” or… something lol

        1. ^^Rotfl @ trade school

          if that title does not literally fit the point of the programming.
          I wouldn’t mind taking one of the trades that we train for my own.
          no need in letting the ones who lost put back into the wild

  4. Thanx fo da shout out!!!You must have felt that i was having a bad day.

    I haven’t been watching the auditions but my friend sent me a clip of some dude that talked like and danced like Prince, sung a rick james song, whipped his hair back and forth and dipped on stage. This recession is bringin everybody out. I might have to show up and next season.

  5. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^^Rotfl @ trade school
    if that title does not literally fit the point of the programming.
    I wouldn’t mind taking one of the trades that we train for my own.
    no need in letting the ones who lost put back into the wild

    Well we get first dibs of course! lol

    But there would definitely be something for the runner-ups.

  6. Hey!!! I’m an Afro-Latin mix…
    Can I sacrifice myself?
    Lol its for a good cause.
    Think he’d be surprised when I flipped ’em on his stomach?

    As for trade school, where do I sign up?
    *Intentionally* planning on being the runner up…
    I’ve got special plans for a certain fox
    ^^^Cubs DO grow up 😉

  7. Hey Ohybird I guess great minds come from similar background I am a Blktino too lol. Regarding Terrell auditioning on X-Factor trust me when I say that most young and even older entertainers are more fiction than facts when it comes to their finances, because many many of them are close to broke. Also Terrel lost a large majority of his fan base when he was outted and from what I recall if that infamous picture he wasn’t sleeping in the dominate position ;-O wink wink lol

    1. Hey!
      SCORE! I’m a promising college student
      So, I DON’T MIND being daddy !
      As long as he can throw it back…
      I’m good 😉

  8. First and foremost, Thank You Jamari for the S/O I would be honored to sit on the panel/board of our Wolf-factor or Fox-factor show or Trade School. I believe the Xander tried to hard to be liked by standing out he loss his opportunity. As for Terrell… *slides Wet bottle of lube and used tissues back under the bed and exhales* Lmbo!!! I mean the dude is sooo sexy and I was soo heated when that dude outed him. I hate when these ungrateful jackals/hyneas/foxes fuck it up for the rest of us. UGH!!! Nevertheless, He has a beautiful voice and I would just like to hear him sing to me and a nice deep kiss and I’d go home happy.

  9. Oh yeah I forgot to add this. *Opens Menu* I would like Number 2, wolf-trained and delivered to this address *writes down address* Thanks. I mean I woukd pinch myself everytime he held me to make sure God wasnt playing games with my psyche..

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