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13 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (54)”

  1. Love the way you bring smiles to our faces, Jamari.

    By the way guys, if you like eating ass, it’s a good idea to get the Hepatitis A vaccine. It’s possible that, even in a “clean-looking, smelling and tasting ass, there could be hard to see traces of matter. It’s good to play it safe. Plus, the Hep A vaccine is good when traveling abroad. An ounce of prevention goes a long way. Jamari, this is something foxes should know also, since they sometimes like to eat us. Not sure if they noticed this post, since it was directed at us.

    1. If you’re gonna get the Hep A vaccine, you might as well get the Hep B one too. There isn’t one for Hep C (which is spread differently). I got mine years ago. Good look, old head

  2. It’s about damn time we get some Wolf Meat up in here, it’s been 10 days. I would murder dude in the pic.

    1. Vain, we haven’t had a lot of wolf meat in here in here lately, please don’t come in here and spoil it for us.

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