why are ya’ll comparing bubba wallace to jussie smollett?

some of ya’ll don’t believe nascar wolf,
bubba wallace,
recent tango with racism.
so at the beginning of this month,
bubba proudly wore a shirt in support of “black lives matter”:


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and even decked out his car in “blm” greatness as well:

someone couldn’t contain their vile behavior because bubba found a noose in his car stall.

he addressed it on his ig with a statement…


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They won’t win. ✊🏾

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well to my surprise,
i woke up to him trending with jussie smollett:

Some don’t believe his story

( x see it here )
first off,
why wouldn’t it be hard to believe racist white folks would be in nascar?
i saw some tweet “who is bubba wallace to even have this happen?

Who was George Floyd?
Who was Eric Garner?
Who was Sandra Bland?
Who was Breonna Taylor?

…and so on and so forth.
don’t be a delusion doofus now.
i like to give folks the benefit of the doubt unless it’s really shifty.
i always need more information before i drag someone.

racism has kicked up in this country ever since the protests.
add that and their fearless orange wild boar not controlling his magats.
what happened to bubba is awful and i hope they find the fucker who did it.

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15 thoughts on “why are ya’ll comparing bubba wallace to jussie smollett?”

  1. Why shouldn’t we compare Bubba Wallace to Juicy Smollett (aka the Gay Tupac)? Until more evidence comes out that either proves or disproves the incident I would encourage sensible people to wait. As for the reactive rage lords, there is nothing I can say to you so rage on…

    1. ^so anytime something racial happens,
      we need to see it on video for us to believe it?
      that sounds kinda cynical blk.
      what happened with giving people the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise?

      1. @Jamari

        Unfortunately that may be the new standard. And you may the place the blame at Juicy Smollet’s doorsteps. I’m not saying it didn’t happened, I’m saying let’s not lose our damn minds until we learn more.

  2. This is a little more believable than Jussie’s story, which was sketchy from jump.

    Bubba was initially uninterested in all this race talk and identified more with his white side in my opinion. He wasn’t clout chasing like Jussie was before his fiasco.

    These rednecks are legit upset they can’t use the confederate flag in nascar and it’s clear it was likely someone within the organization.

    This is why I was so disturbed by ppl believing Jussie’s outlandish story despite all evidence he orchestrated it and then others shrugged it off like it doesn’t matter because no one was hurt or arrested for the lie. Now you give ppl a reason to doubt shit.

    I didn’t realize how pissed white ppl are at Jussie too. He really is finished in Hollywood.

  3. I’m in agreement with Black Pegasus. In this day and age, a modicum of skepticism is healthy and beneficial.

    We live in a time where SOME people have lied about sexual assault, racism, and other serious acts of violence and discrimination. Lying about such serious matters is detrimental to actual victims.

    With that said, I do believe Bubba and will wait for more information to unfold.

    1. @Jumanji

      24 hours have passed since I commented on this story. I said we should wait until more evidence comes to light that either proves or disproves Bubba’s story. And thus far, there is evidence to suggest Bubba probably did see what “he thought was a noose.”

      NASCAR garages have what’s called “pull downs.” These are simply ropes hanging at each garage door that acts to manually pull down the garage door. People on Twitter found this 2017 video which is the same garage at Talladega Superspeedway that Bubba allegedly found the noose. The same pull down ropes are seen in the video @3:35


      Skip to @3:35

      This is the same garage filmed in 2017. The ropes used for pull downs are all tied in a similar noose fashion so they can be gripped by the hand.If this is what Bubba saw I can understand how he would feel some kind of way but they were there for years. The media didn’t tell us this. I wonder why? 🙄

  4. Boy, I hope this is not another JS academy stunt and I would be very disappointed. I got emotional with the race track march but I don’t doubt hatred from a redneck sport.

  5. No, that’s not the new standard. If you buy into agenda setting, which you have by saying “Unfortunately that may be the new standard…” If it occurred then it occurred. This is insanity and why I don’t buy anything of black folks who buy into agendas especially black LGBTQIAs who fall into line like clockwork.

  6. NASCAR confirmed that it happened as well as it was found by someone on his team. NASCAR is not a sport that is openly welcoming to black drivers and most nascar fans are outraged that the confederate flag was removed, so I believe it.

    1. Thank you. It’s sad that people don’t believe his story. It takes a lot of courage to comeout and tell.your truth. You are opening yourself up to hate and back lash. Let’s believe the victim.

  7. Yep, FBI announced what many had already determined. No crime was found and the so called “noose” was just a Garage Door pull down that had been there for months/years.

    Bubba Smollett 2.0 ✊🏽

    1. Nascar reported the possibility of a noose in his stall, not Bubba. Bubba was told by nascar about the Noose. So it’s not the same, and you can kick rocks.

  8. Let’s compare the story. I can see both sides but why is it hard to believe when black men are being found hanging from a noose at schools and they are calling them suicides. Jussie story: Described he was attacked going to Subway. The weather: The Polar Vortex which at that time was -20 degrees in Chicago. Ain’t no sandwich that damn important to walk almost a mile for a sandwich that will be frozen by the time you get home. That’s the issue people can’t understand. He went out in the middle of the night after midnight when temperatures were well below freezing. Got a sandwich. Got bleach poured on him. No signs of chemical reactions.

    Bubba: Didn’t even find the noose, somebody else did. Works for a company that allowed a Confederate Flag to be flown. Made one statement and somebody posted on his IG, thanks for turning 98% of your fans against you. Why do we have to accuse him if he didn’t find it in the first place somebody else did. Of course they will point to the rope, that was intentional.

    What I find disturbing about all of this, Colin took a knee for justice against police brutality, got blackballed in the NFL. Bubba is getting racist threats, every Nascar employee walks, stands and puts him in the front to show their solidarity with each other. Granted whoever did it may be walking in the crowd, when the people you work with stop and support you regardless what anybody thinks, says a lot.

  9. Plain and simple, evidence pointed to Jussie planting everything. He even lied about knowing his attackers when they clearly been working out with him. Bubba didn’t plant it, NASCAR told HIM about it, he didn’t even know about it. Why is it hard to believe it actually happened when clearly they even thought it happened. It will be different if he made the claim, but he didn’t.

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