the public shaming should be enough to keep j. alexander kueng in his lair

there is irony with him and those american flag oreos.
this story really disgusted me tbh.
if i was one of the stars in a “news at 10″,
one that invoked racial unrest,
i’d be laying low and using instacart.
well j. alexander kueng,
one of the hunting jackals who killed george floyd…

was caught out and about and ended up getting a public shaming…

“oh yeah,
that’s me.”


… and proceeds to talk with a stranger on camera.
what a dork.
i love his look of shame in part 2:

is that his man next to him?
it looks like they are together.
he could have sent him to the store for damn oreos.
either way,
he better be glad an angry mob didn’t fight his ass in that store.


is he trying to catch another body out here?
throw the whole human away.

Author: jamari fox

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25 thoughts on “the public shaming should be enough to keep j. alexander kueng in his lair”

  1. What’s sad is this man has color in his DNA so white racist dont like him neither ass hole thought he was above the law as well hope they fry his red ass

  2. Ofcourse that snow bunny murderer is buying oreos with her white boyfriend. She gone get introduced to Big Mike’s big dick once she hit them prison showers. I suggest she start practicing right now with a purchase of Safaree’s dildo.

  3. Where are our BLM protesters when you need them? Where is the HOOD when you need them? Let him try that shit again but this time go downtown where the protest are…FUCKER HE IS

  4. There is nothing that’s morally justifiable about placing a damn camera in someone’s face to publicly shame or humiliate them. In fact, if you watch these videos I believe the opposite will happen. You may end up having empathy for the man. How about we let the system do what it was designed to do? He will have his day in court, and yes he will get convicted!

    Meanwhile over 100 people shot, 14 dead in Chicago over Fathers Day weekend.

    Rage on ✊🏽

    1. I agree with this. He’s been been charged & he met bail. Let him have his day in court, that’s what we protested for. It looks like he went there at night to try to avoid people. That store is open 24 hours.

    2. Boy you are a White Cunt….take your Anti-Black ass out of here. You clearly have and an agenda. The first thing these crackas say is what about Chicago. You been caught several times on here with your Far Right Bullshit.

    3. Oh fucking please. The woman put a camera in his face not a knee on his fucking neck. His ass asked for this. If didn’t wanna be recognized then he should’ve stayed his bony ass in the house. He should’ve of told his boyfriend to go the cookies and milk, hell we supposed to be wearing face masks anyway. He could’vee put one on with some sunglasses and called a spade a spade. Instead he’s out and about like his face ain’t all over the damn news. You’re extending human decency to man who doesn’t deserve it. When George Floyd was dying he didn’t have that same human decency!

      1. @Truth & D112

        LMAO @ the two Rage Lords 😅

        Why don’t you two hotep queens take all that pinned up rage to Chicago and help police find the people who shot 104 people, and killed 14.. Do something for black people other than calling them names on a keyboard. Otherwise you both can just shut the fuck up because you won’t change a damn thing when it comes to my opinion on this matter. And thanks for reading my comments. I always add a special flavor just for you lol 😗

  5. I don’t think shaming him publicly accomplishes anything. His life is already fucked even if he doesn’t get convicted. I’m actually not very optimistic that he will be convicted given that so many recent cases involving police unjustly killing black people have resulted in acquittals or light sentences. I think this case will play out differently, but I’m wary. As far as him being cute…..I’ll let y’all have that. Or rather, I’ll let Brad and Hunter have that lol.

  6. He looks like he has some light skinded GOOOOOD BOOTY, the beige kind with with brown freckles.

  7. so i want to add something,
    and this is not meant to be disrespectful:

    j. alexander kueng was not remorseful for the death of george floyd.
    matter fact,
    if the death wasn’t recorded and he got away with it,
    he would have been shopping for his oreos in peace.

    if he was an overweight,
    dark skinned,
    non-mixed looking male,
    would this even be a conversation?
    if he didn’t look like someone who was fuckable,
    would he be getting sympathy for getting dragged?
    i’ve seen some gays drag people for less.
    innocent people who were minding their own business.

    i hope we keep this energy with other villains that are not attractive.
    carry on.

    1. personally,
      he could look like devin thomas.
      that man watched someone die.
      he didn’t step in or intervene.
      there wasn’t a moment of regret.
      he hasn’t apologized.

      the hyena is trash.
      learn discernment.

    2. “if he didn’t look like someone who was fuckable,
      would he be getting sympathy for getting dragged?”

      DOES he look like someone fuckable…??? ‘Cause I don’t find him even remotely attractive and I’m saying that with my chest (to borrow some UK slang). Maybe because I’m light-skinned myself, but I ain’t impressed by a decent beard (see mugshot) or high-yella skin…

      To answer your question, many of the gays wouldn’t keep that same energy if he was dark-skinned, overweight, and unattractive.

      1. ^he isn’t attractive to me,
        but i know a few vixens who said he was attractive.

        will the white hyenas who were involved get the same type of energy too if they were getting dragged at costco or denny’s?
        especially the one who had his knee of george’s neck?

      2. He isn’t handsome or cute, just looks like someone with EXCELLENT booty. Tight on the outside (white on the inside), youthful, beige, and round.

        African roundness with European anal elasticity.

  8. I do not agree with pubic shaming of any kind. I do not care if its this guy or a parent shaming their children on social media.
    if anybody agree with this, how would you feel if somebody done this too you.

  9. Everybody says he shouldn’t be public shamed, I don’t even see him being shamed because he looks unbothered and was not remorseful in George’s death. When you could care less that you watched a man die when you could have stopped it, there is nothing you can shame him for. He didn’t even put the cookies down, he bought his cookies and milk and acted like nothing happened. Where is the public shame? He not even hiding his face, he not social distancing, he not wearing a required face mask; he has zero fucks what any body thinks or feels. He even said, “yeah that’s me”. Where is he being shamed at? Where did he hide and run? He kept that same face on his mugshot.

    As far as finding him attractive, I’m not attracted to arrogance. That is the biggest turnoff to me. I don’t care how you look.

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