when suicide is on the menu today

i read (  x an article ) that calls to suicide hotlines doubled.
many folks are reaching their breaking points.
it seems like shit is getting worse out here.
well it all got too real for the pretty vixen today.
she sent me a text that someone close to her job killed themselves.
they jumped off the roof.
this is what she saw as she was going for lunch

she didn’t see the impact,
but she saw the aftermath.
imagine seeing that person in the office that morning.
they looked fine,
but who knew by lunch,
they would be at dead on the pavement?
that is so crazy tho,
but i get it.
i’ve been there on most days.
a friend that i least expected revealed they were feeling suicidal.
they are only holding on because of their cub.
it’s really real right now and compassion is needed.
we need to be more empathetic to those suffering.
even if they come to you with something trivial,
just take a moment to listen to them.
you could be saving their life.
may that person in the above picture rip.
if you are feeling like you’re suicidal,
please reach out for help:


….or even hit me up.
speak to someone before you make a final decision.

lowkey: i find this prayer line really helps me when i’m down:


i call them all the time.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “when suicide is on the menu today

  1. I was literally walking past there this morning on my way to work. It wasn’t a corporate office actually – it was a swanky high rise apartment building. It had me in a mood because I was feeling a little depressed myself lately as a few events in my life have shifted.

    It had me thinking – “how close am I to THIS?” I then started making myself busy with work tasks and errands all day. But I may look into a support group or even therapy. It’s crazy to feel this way, but people need to know depression is a REAL thing with REAL effects and consequences.

    1. ^i feel you weiss.
      if i can find a free support group while unemployed,
      i would attend.
      writing for now is the only free therapy i have.
      i appreciate everyone who understands that contributes to the discussion.

      thank you ❤️

  2. Just know that you all are appreciated and not alone. Please talk to someone before doing anything.
    Find that one person you know will be there for you with no judgement.
    You are loved by many even when you don’t realize it.

  3. Jamari, please contact GMHC for support groups. They may have some that are free.

    Many of our people need to be in therapy, as evidenced by the way we treat each other. Abusing and killing people in one’s own image is mental illness manifested. If we can only overcome the stigma, we would be much better for it.

  4. This is why it was so admirable for Michelle Williams to publicly acknowledge her depression and check herself into a facility for treatment. There IS another way to deal with depression other than suicide. While money, and probably more so stigma, can be barriers to treatment, when you’re hurting like that it’s imperative to seek treatment!

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