when did vic mensa become a full course meal?

so i remember rapper wolf,
vic mensa,
looking like ^this.
apparently that look is done baby!
i saw a video with him addressing beef and foxhole…


alla that was under those dreads and large clothing?
holy smokes.

i’ll allow it.

lowkey: he gives me a lowkey “crazy”.
  you know the pipe is probably out of this world.
he don’t give af either.
i still remember when he stepped to adkademiks ( @2:35):

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “when did vic mensa become a full course meal?”

  1. Oh yeah he’s definitely meal. He has that “southside Chicago rough around the edges”feel. He can get it lol

  2. Ive been wanting him to rearrange my…..nvm let’s just say he does look like he has great dick. I’ve been low-key into him since before the haircut but the low cut actually improves his attractiveness.

  3. Yeah he’s nice, but he gives crazy vibes. We smash once, I can see him getting possessive, and I’m not here for that.

  4. I’ve crave for some of Vic Mensa…by him being a Gemini…because I have had crazy sex sessions with one…in the right moment and the right moon if he’s not down low..he will have crazy sex with guys because all he would want is to get off.

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