What Has Barack Obama Done For Us Lately?

tumblr_m2f6pn8cB91r6xdnjo1_5001111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111well i didn’t ask.
^he did.
i guess he regrets that “vote or die” campaign.
i still have the shirt.
anyway so diddy had an interview where criticized president barack obama.
i mean he has a mixtape and a new album coming out.
i’m sure he has to generate some kind of buzz.
anyway this is what he told hot 97 via nme

Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy, has criticized President Obama for allegedly not doing enough to help African-Americans.

Combs recently returned to music and his original moniker to release his ‘MMM’ mixtape earlier this week (November 4).

Now, speaking to New York radio station Hot 97, Combs turned his attention to politics, saying: “We got Obama into office, the give back, the deal, where are the things in our community that have gotten drastically better?”

The rapper/producer, who has been involved in Vote Or Die campaigns in the past, continued: “Let’s stop over-complicating it. The hugest group of people that get you into office, you have to change their lives for the better. Pick a side, because they got you into office. And if that side just happens to be black people, and you’re black, you still have to do what’s fair.”

Combs acknowledged that “being the president is a hard job” but called on Obama to deliver “directed aid”. “Unapologetically sending direct aid to black communities. Let’s not try to hide it. Unapologetically spend billions of dollars to uplift black communities… We just need some education, some jobs… and we want to know that it was for us”.

“I’m not going after Obama. I’m just saying that time is ticking and we need some repayment on the deal. The black community got President Obama into office, and there should be some nice parting gifts to give our youth, our future, a better chance.”

giphyi mean…
even tho diddy has his own “fuck shyt” moments,
is he wrong for his opinion?
or maybe it’s wrong because diddy said it?
i guess we can ask the same for his artists on bad boy.

obama will be leaving the white house pretty soon.
it seems to be too late to be saying this now.

article taken: nme

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “What Has Barack Obama Done For Us Lately?”

  1. Lol umm, he’s not the president of the black race. Diddy needs to shut up and spend his gazillions on helping the black communities since he’s so concerned.

    1. ^i think that’s what we were thinking when he got in White House.
      we expected him to be for “us”.
      all for us.
      i learned the hard way when I was unemployed and the republicans stopped my unemployment.
      that’s when i had to learn obama is the basically the face of the government.

  2. I believe Obama has tried to help in ways. Being a president is about being strategic. He can’t just out right say I’m giving this only to black people.. Racism would hit a new level. Things don’t change instantly.

    He has tried to help with the poverty and health issues in America. There’s no way to win for a president. Other people out here are mad that he’s not focusing on defense because they think a war is coming (technology is so advanced a war means we all will die). 😕

  3. I can see to a certain point where Soddy is coming from but what he fails to understand is that the president had to job to serve EVERYONE, not just blacks. A lot of us( not everyone) only vote when the presidential elections come around and not when elections for Mayor and other district people come around.

    I can overlook anything that people think the president hasn’t done more of because of all the good that he has done.

  4. Sissy is very correct right here. Obama is not the president for black people, but when he has been able to fill the agendas for every other damn group besides the bulk ppl that got him elected, we have a damn problem! And to the people that say: republicans this and that, please kill it.

    As a former Black Democratic Congressional Staffer, these opinions of mine are pure fact. After Obama stated he had no desire for an apology for reparations or apologies for slavery, after he said Black ppl in America don’t struggle like we did years ago, and other tactless and removed things, I’ll be glad when he is out of office. Good riddance, Obama.

    1. His black ancestors weren’t a part of the trans-Atlantic slave trade so I guess that’s where his desensitised ways came from..

  5. He does make a good point, because if someone highlights some of the things he has done in office, he has shown favoritism to certain groups and it was not the black community. Although, we do have to realize he is the president for all, he did choose sides. A lot of black people felt that he would be the hope and change that he promised, but did not see it. Also, people have to understand how the government works. I will say black people got a raw deal from this guy. Hopefully this is a lesson learned for us.

  6. We have had two Black Attorney Generals under Obama.We have had the most racially diverse cabinet under Obama .I paid $40 a month for health insurance after I lost my job because of Affordable Care Act.Black people didn’t get Obama elected,White independents got him elected.80-90 percent of Blacks vote for the Democrat in every presidential election.Wait until the Republicans take back the White House and we will see what life will be for the Black community.

    1. Colette,

      Thanks for the points but you are wrong when it comes to Obama having the most diverse cabinet. It was actually Clinton. Also, Obama care caused many people health insurance to go up. Are you saying Obama could have won without the black vote?

      1. @Dee Jay…Insurance premiums go up every year any way for ANYONE who has health insurance, no just those with Obamacare. If it were not for Obamacare many people would not have health insurance. A lot of people give him grief about it, conveniently forgetting it’s a reworked plan of Mitt Romney, but at least he did something to try to make sure everyone had coverage. Did Republican candidates try to do that? No. Their response…we’re working on a plan. Yeah, sure you are. I don’t know about you, but I find it sad that we don’t have Universal coverage such as that in both Canada and the U.K., where people don’t pay for medical coverage…but the greedy people that run pharmaceutical companies and their lackeys in Congress will always ensure that we never will. We live in the greatest country in the world, but we are so behind in so many areas it’s disheartening.

      2. Word @ Christian.

        As a Canadian who has always had “free” health care, it blows my mind how the Americans are so behind on this. Us “outsiders” kinda look at you guys like you’re crazy for not having it. I can’t imagine not having free health care.

        It really does represent the perspective of your country and it’s political views and priorities. The dichotomy of “capital gain” vs. “public service and health care”. Its quite clear that capital gain trumps even the health of its citizens who contribute to its capital in the first place.

        I think a lot of American citizens to to consider the implications of that… what good is money if you’re not alive to use it? or not well to use it?

      3. No I said he won because he received the White Independent vote.Every Democrat receives 80 percent or more of the Black vote.That’s a given.If the White Independent vote had gone to Romney he would have been the president.Of course he would not have won without the Black vote.No Democrat will win unless they get a large percentage of the Black vote.In 2012 the Latino vote gave him the edge.Now I agree Blacks need stop always giving our support to the Democratic Party because they take us for granted.

      4. Clinton first cabinet had 5 women and 6 minorities
        Obama cabinet had 7 women,4 Blacks,3Hispanics and 2 Asians.So he had a more racially diverse cabinet.

      5. You said it. It’s just a joke to hear people say they can’t wait until he’s gone. I bet they wish he was still in office if the Republicans get in. I think the Pres has done a great job. Black people need to realize that he’s the president of all people. Education is key, not waiting for a man to do for us will get us nowhere.

  7. Well, Puffy should spend less time criticizing the President of the United States and instead worry about what he’s done as a business man to help the lives of black Americans. You know, aside from promoting liquor and a party lifestyle. Better yet, let him focus on all of those artists signed to Bad Boy who waste their time and talent being signed to his label only to come from it broke with nothing to show for it.

    The President has actually done with his platform to help the lives of the under privileged (aka people of color). But if Puffy knew anything am outside of being a mouth piece, he would know that the creation of legislation to help the under privileged is the responsibility of CONGRESS and not the President of the United States.

  8. Very good comment Random. I can’t believe that people honestly felt that he would automatically look out for just the black people. He can’t do that. He represents the entire country, not just the blacks. He represents Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics, and others. If he attended to only the needs of the black community, the racial problems would be even worse than they are now!

    These rich businessmen & businesswomen need to put that money they spend towards their communities. Think of the help they can provide if the money they spent on lavish parties, trips, and clothing was put to better use like funding after school programs and more. Even if it isn’t their responsibility…make a statement. I’d have more respect for you when you speak. Until then, talk is cheap.

  9. People seem to not realize that the president can’t do everything on his own. That’s why we have two whole other branches of government. Also, people seem to not realize that we live in a place called America. President Obama hasn’t had specific legislation that pertains just to the Black community and people still hate his guts just because of who he is.

    This maybe a reach to some but President Obama has done enough for the Black community by his presence alone than any other president in history. Do people realize how powerful it is for Black children to grow up and have a Black person as their first example of an American president? I’m 21 and NEVER thought I would see a Black president.

    I love my people but we have this bad habit of looking to one person as our savior. WE all know that our community has significant problems but instead of doing something about it we only rehash the fact that our community has problems. I see no one DOING anything about it but they’ll surely use every chance they can find to make money off of us. Numerous entertainers and athletes have the power to do so much for young African Americans (because unfortunately a lot of young African Americans look up to athletes more than they do President Obama) but they often see them as dollar signs and exploit them.

    *steps off soapbox*

  10. When people say President Obama hasn’t done anything for black people, I have to shake my head.

    As of this morning, 18 million who did not have health insurance before Obama now have it, and many of those people are us. I think those who discount that most likely had insurance and couldn’t appreciate how difficult it was for those without it. Fifty percent of blacks have pre-existing conditions that would have prevented them from getting coverage. Obamacare wiped away pre-existing conditions as a disqualifer. For much of the 20th century, presidents have tried unsuccessfully to win it. Obama secured it in a little over his first year in office, despite the road blocks Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats threw in the way.

    We are in year 34 of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and did not have a National Strategy on AIDS until President Obama’s first term. He has directed funds to our community, the hardest hit.

    He is releasing from the prisons many of our brothers and sisters who were sentenced for non- violent drug offenses in the racist and failed War on Drugs, which targeted us and not whites.

    He’s wound down our presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, despite strong opposition from the military industrial complex and has been fighting to increase benefits for veterans which has been fought and blocked by Republicans in Congress.

    Detractors will say he helps other groups, such as women and gays but not blacks. When women, who make $.77 on the dollar to what men make are helped, black women are helped because they only make $.62 on the dollar to what men make.

    When discriminatory laws are knocked down against the LGBT community, those of us in the foxhole are helped.

    For much of the 20th century black farmers were cheated out of their land. Presidents and Congress gave lip service; President Obama came up with the $2 billion for the black farmers.

    His My Brother’s Keeper Initiative is targeted directly to black boys.

    The Stimulus Package that gave the country the jump start to get out of the hole President Bush left us had all kinds of funding for our communities. My city put the money to good use and we hired a lot of people and addressed infrastructure. Many of the states with racist governors would not accept the funds, and some who did didn’t use it as intended.

    The fact is we live in a democratic republic with three branches of government not a dictatorship. The President cannot do it alone.

    1. Old Head, I always look forward to reading your reasoned and intelligent comments. You never disappoint.

      1. Whoa, thanks RK. That’s very kind of you to say. I didn’t think anyone was still up, lol. I don’t comment much but I couldn’t turn in before contributing tonight. Even though I wish we could see each other, I think the anonymity allows a greater cross section of folk to comment freely, considering we constitute a spectrum of comfort levels.

    2. I’m not American, but thank you for saying this Old Head. From my standpoint Obama has done quite a bit for your country as whole. I very rarely see visible action being taken under any presidency. I’ve seen that from him. People seem to forget that he’s trying to undo a lot of the mess from past presidencies *cough* Bush *cough*.

      As far as helping black people, your comment proves his contributions. Some people choose to overlook some of the very important things just to justify their own dispositions.

  11. I’m sorry, but black folks and other Democrats didn’t show up in the midterms in 2010 AND 2014….that means we’re not in charge of Congress, which means how is Obama going to get access to “billions” of dollars to help our communities, when those fucking Republicans are in control of those chambers? You want that kind of money from the Federal Government, Congress is going to have to give it you…why are you focused on him? Oh. Because he’s a brotha.


    It seems our community swallowed the Magic Negro kool-aid. You expect him to fetch things for you that he is in no real power to do.

    But hey, we can still delude ourselves and believe in a fantasy.

    People won’t vote unless it’s for him and to hell with the Congressman that actually have charge of our money.


  12. if President Obama President Obama had ran like previous ” African-American cannonades ” he would not be the president now. There had to be a balance and a reference to all races in his campaign. People had this dream that he was going give us our reparations for slavery, give all the blacks tax cuts and give away grape koolaid all day. Get real

  13. Did people forget ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ program Barack started early last year? Oprah had a special on her network about it. It is catered to helping the AA and minority community. But other commentators are right, he can’t only look at black issue, when there is a lot of pressing things going on this country today. People are mad that is he occupying the oval office. There seem to not be a grasp that our country is changing and there is nothing we can do about it. People can yell hell Mary as much as they want.

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