Yusaf Mack Wants You To Sit At His VIP Table Tonight

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 4.39.57 PMwell yusaf mack is out and proud!
i guess it took no time for him to get comfortable.
i mean after years of being in the closet,
the next option is the turn up of the century!
one of the vix-bi sent me this for your social calendar tonight…

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 4.38.43 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 4.38.53 PM.



















a84dab40-49c5-0133-9dbf-0af7184f89fbi wonder if he is going to host missing his front tooth?
i’m just asking…
it sounds like this needs to be re-capped with pictures and intel.
any f-bi willing to go double agent tonight?

lowkey: so we have crowned yusaf an “icon” already?

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 4.39.34 PM2lalgli missed that memo.
i guess his “team” is trying to make him more likeable.
can’t say that i blame them.
did he move to la with this sudden “fame”?

pictures taken: thebashla | yusaf mack

34 thoughts on “Yusaf Mack Wants You To Sit At His VIP Table Tonight

  1. I applaud him for coming clean, it ends there though. This man is no hero. As Old Head said, this man is out because he was outed, not because he decided to live in his truth. He was leading his fiancee on and living a double life, and the ones in the gay community who place men like him on a pedestal have issues. Dudes stoop to the gutter for trade, even the ones with missing teeth. SMH

  2. His PR consultant is a LA hairdresser so appearing at this event makes sense. This is a good way for Mack to build confidence and gain support. Plus he might get a hookup or two. But he needs to raise his public stature and appear at events outside the black gay ghetto.

  3. He needs to lay low unlike Michael Sam did. I hope a brother can pull him aside and school him. He does not need to be making the rounds on TV and being exploited in these interviews. He is not a hero; he is out because he was outed.

    1. I wonder where Michael Sam is now?. Didn’t work out too well for him, and that UConn BBALL player, he went below the radar where he needed to be.
      Many of these guys get used by the white gay men to try and push their agenda to young Black gay men, unfortunately some get caught up in it until they end up on the losing end.

  4. Icon? LOL! I’m not even going to get into it, I can’t be bothered.
    Icon though? Rofl.

    If people are fooled by this guy being “masculine” then we have some bigger problems to deal with. Praise masculinity, yet not even know what that is. Eh. This is why I don’t associate with “the masses” (masses being a metaphor for a type for person.)

    I guess he’s got to do something to support his kids esp the ones under 18. :/

  5. @Jamari,

    A pig is a person that participates in raunchy sex. The individual is willing to be pissed on, scat (shitted) on, and many other acts that are considered disguisting. The term comes from a pig since the animal is considered filthy.

    1. ^sounds like the night of some of these attentionistos/nistas that go over to dubai.
      i hear the stories of what some do to get their bills paid.

      1. ^Ok…that’s just nasty!!! You ain’t shittin or pissing on me for ANY amount of dollars!! You’ll be in for a SERIOUS ass kicking! LOL
        I remember reading about Osi Umenyiora doing that to some chick. She allowed him to shit on her after they had sex.

  6. Just put it in perspective.

    The gays don’t celebrate the men out here educating people about STD’s and encouraging men to get tested. Hell, they don’t even celebrate the people out here fighting for THEIR rights (whatever their struggle is at this point). So many people are out here helping young gay people with programs and you hear nothing about them.

    You all want to celebrate men who live double lives and then want to call them brave when they finally come out (usually before they’re going to be inevitably outed) and leave trail of people they’ve used and lied to. Or Instagram models that double as escorts or bartenders at night lol

    All in the name of masculinity or vanity.

    You all want to go hard in the comments for Amiyah Scott and whatever other transgender but what do they do for you aside from wear makeup, tons of hair, and make shady comments?

    Like I seriously wonder if a lot of gay men, black ones in particular, have ever known a decent male role model? Like someone with character, a moral compass, real values aside from looks, sex, or fem/masc bullshit?

    Then gays will be the first ones with a laundry list of what’s wrong with the black community, but the dysfunction that runs rampant in the gay community is so uniform its scary.

    1. I used to lurk the blogs of Keith Boykin, Clay Cane, Rod McCullom, Pam Spaulding, etc. but those they’ve all moved on and there is really no one to fill the void. Most of these vloggers are too annoying to listen to. G list Society is ok, but a better following could really help that site.

      The combination of the hurt and dysfunction that many of the black gay come from in addition to the lack of leadership leads to to many of the problems in the black gay community. There’s not enough effort to enrich to community because too many are too broken to do so.

      PS. I hate how people complain of the community’s infatuation of the masculinity. Many of them would go flaccid for anyone outside of that facade. At least I could say I have crushed on some more effeminate guys if they are cute and laid back enough….

    2. You know, its funny JAY, your comment can be applied to almost all groups of people, not just gays.
      You touched on a bigger issue that’s deeper than homosexuality. It really is a human thing. Hence why reality shows are on TV, and the Kardashians are always being talked about. I have yet to figure out why they’re relevant in any way, but that’s the way it is. << no one's talking about that humanitarian that retrieved an ancient artifact, or that activist who helped pave the way for the people of their cause, people are talking about Kylie Jenner. I still have yet to understand the obsession, but at the end of the day, it's a human thing, it's a capitalistic thing, and it's a media thing.

      The good people in most societies never get noticed, it's always the attention whores, and false images of vanity that get praised. It really takes a person to actually analyze what they're praising, or even analyze idolatry in the first place to see what they are ACTUALLY supporting. People don't look inward enough.

      IMO, in general people do not spend enough time thinking of their surroundings and how every action they make or don't make influences the next set of events to occur, ever so slightly. Everyone needs to stop and think for a moment, because we clearly don't do it enough as a race of humans.

      You are right. We really need to be critical about who we even talk about, because I'd rather be talking about someone who has influenced society in some way over Milan Christopher. Honestly, I still have no idea who that is other than he's gay, and dated some dude and idc to find out more. I'd rather invest my time in something positive than to waste my time on, well…waste.

      It's important to be reminded from time to time that we are focusing on the wrong things.

      Then again, I've thought a lot about the concept of masculinity, and my version of it is much different than most people's it seems, so I don't see it as something to be "praised" (or at least, the general definition of masculinity doesn't need to be praised). I need values, a brain, and a sense of decency, and good personality above all, Everything else comes after. I refuse to be a part of the problem.

  7. *Epic Facepalm*

    I gotta admit Jay’s right. Some gays will put him on a pedestal because he’s masculine……

    But he has child support to cough up though. It’s waaaaayyyyyy better than being depressed about it though…

  8. I’m surprised it’s happening so quickly but I guess you have to hit it while you’re still in your 15 minutes. I’m still hoping he can get his life in order and be in peace. Plus I don’t think it’s going to be great for his mental if people are coming up to you at a hosted party either trying to get more tea on you or calling you out for the story.

    I really think he should get some therapy.

    1. Remember he is a former boxer, so I doubt people will be quickly to start that type of conversation. We do not need this man to be in anymore headlines. Next, it will be “Former Porn boxer puts a fan in a coma.” He was smart to head to California and not Atlanta, I did some research on the club and it is majority Caucasian. His team lnows they will dish out some money to get a masculine man. Hopefully he doesn’t have to go the pig route.

      1. On Sundays Club Rage is Black.Its SocialiteSunday promoted by Brandon Anthony.Brandon rents it out on Sundays.My cousin goes there, very few Whites show up on Sunday.If he is looking for a white sugar daddy tonight, he’s at the wrong spot.

  9. Good for him, I wouldn’t say he’s an icon though and I hope he gets that tooth fixed. I’m not going to beat him up on his claim that he was drugged even though his claim was very bizarre. I just think he was a confused man about his sexuality and I also think he is not playing with a full deck. I wish him well though and hope he can work through his issues with his family.

  10. Two weeks ago he claimed he was drugged and basically raped(.When you have sex without your knowledge and with no memory of it).Next week he will be the Grand Marshall of a Gay Parade.
    Let him make some money he has ten kids to support.

    1. ^and see this is why i’m not pulling out the pom poms.
      he tried to destroy a company with his accusations.
      now people want to party with him and label him “icon”?
      i guess…

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