Vernon Davis Cools Off In The Cold Tub After Practice


tumblr_mppiqbGD9m1qg4uuho3_500baller wolf vernon davis is getting ready for this new season with the 49ers.
he had a good practice today and decided to cool off in the cold tub.
well check out the cold nearly nekkidness action…

“hi vernon.”

Katy_Perry_Elmoi reallllllllly love his body.
ya know vernon i’m actually a trained masseuse *cough*notreally*cough*.
so if you ever need a good rub down *cough*amongotherthings*cough*
you know where to find me!

lowkey: um…
why do baller wolves go into the cold tub again?
i need a refresher.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Vernon Davis Cools Off In The Cold Tub After Practice”

  1. I think it heals their sore muscles faster? Idk I’m more than likely wrong.

    Anyway, looking at him reminded me to do my last set of kegels for the day.

  2. Obnoxioustv guy has article about Donnie McCluren.I wonder what the Gay choir members felt when Marvin Winans made comment about Donnie and his sons(video).Also I didnt know Donnie had a son.

  3. I love sexy Vernon!!!!! He is fine and his body is tight and muscular!!! Nice plump round azz!!! His uniform can barely hold all that meaty beef!!!

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