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4 thoughts on “DEAR JOURNAL (811)”

  1. Women get it and complain about it a lot more. It’s just the nature of the beast. We want what we can’t have.

  2. I know it’s cliche, but keep holding out for someone who deserves you. It’ll all be worth it when that man comes along. Those sex-thirsty wolves aren’t good for anything but a sore ass and heartbreak, lol.

  3. It’s not that hard to meet guys under unusual circumstances. I have met guys unexpectedly. It can happen, but it all depends on the situation. I met a dude back in high school when I was having a bad day lol. I was thinking to myself and unintentionally I was staring at him and I didn’t realize it. When he noticed he did a double take and smiled at me and asked he me what was I looking at. I smiled at him and told him nothing lol. From then on he would always come over and talk to me, he even did it when I was with my boys. I would secretly get all excited when I seen him coming lol. We would stare at each other from afar and everything. He was a star on the basketball team, tall, and fine, but I was a friends with him brother, and a girl I ended up talking to got in the way so I had to stop taking to him. SMH.

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