Tyler Perry Wants To Speak Your Sex Language On Men’s Health

he wants to take all your goodies if you’d let him…

you see those eyes?
that’s seduction.
he is the new meat of the minute!

ok bye!

lowkey: look at what people are saying on twitter about him playing “alex cross“:


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXtRKrcPwKE]

lol can tyler be great?

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12 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Wants To Speak Your Sex Language On Men’s Health”

  1. Stop HATING and be proud that Tyler is able to cross over and do other films. I tell you we as a race of people are always putting each other down regardless of what the next individual do sometimes it pays to be happy and move along your chance will come in life if you stop being so greatful hearted !!!!!!

    1. I could care less about his color. His films are formulaic, lazy, & derivative. He has a great platform to attract & nurture talent – particularly in writing, producing, & directing, yet I don’t see him doing that. The man has built an empire – but so has the Kardasians & those Jersey Shore yahoos. Criticism is not hating…there is a difference.

      He’s a safe negro. I think he’s wrong for this role – I can’t take him seriously as an actor.

      1. ^shonda rhimes is a black woman who took her vision and has turned it into quality work with her shows featuring strong blacks as characters:

        Private Practice
        Grey’s Anatomy

        and just helped the awkward black girl (another one who is about quality) get her own show on a network.
        shonda is content with playing the back.
        tyler is trying to be the star.
        it’s fucking up his quality.

  2. I cringe every time I see or hear the preview for the film. I cannot take him as a serious actor. Leave that to Denzel and company. And Jamari, as much as I respect the opinions of others, he will NEVER be the “meat of the minute.” LOL.

  3. ROTFLMAO……Jamari I hope you’re joking, but if you’re not I have to remember everyone has a preference and I have to respect that lol.

    I don’t like him starring in that film because it’s not a good fit for him. The previews of it make it look like he’s trying to be masc. lol

  4. well….I could use a new sponsor and it couldn’t hurt to land a role in a C level coon movie

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