The Goverment Spent $30,000 On “Gaydar” Research This Year

come again?

our government has been giving bread to a lot of things this year:

  • food stamps for dead people
  • restoring old bridge that is not connected anything in partiuclar
  • grapes in damn vineyards

… and gaydar?
one of my f-bi sent me this story and it made my head spin

The National Science Foundation spent $30,000 to fund a study done by the University of Washington and Cornell University’s to measure “gaydar” – the ability of people to identify sexual orientation merely by appearance. The researchers confirmed that “gaydar” exists, writing that participants were about 60% accurate when attempting to identify sexual orientation by appearance.


sounds like an up and coming topic for IJF.
this could have given me the gwap and i would have paid the f-bi to bring me back research.
starting with baller wolves in:

but….. is gaydar research really that serious to the government????
must be.

Author: jamari fox

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