The Goverment Spent $30,000 On “Gaydar” Research This Year

come again?

our government has been giving bread to a lot of things this year:

  • food stamps for dead people
  • restoring old bridge that is not connected anything in partiuclar
  • grapes in damn vineyards

… and gaydar?
one of my f-bi sent me this story and it made my head spin

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Anderson Cooper Has A Big Announcement

I think Anderson Cooper is fine as hell.
I love a good brain, with my good looks.
He could teach me something,
and I wouldn’t want to vomit in my mouth by his sight.
Well, Anderson has something he wants to tell you….

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Raven Did Not Confirm Nor Deny… and Neither Should You.

I am LATE with this story,
but only because I was letting ya’ll marinate with it first.
(that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

I am not one to out anyone.
Nor do I believe that it is anyone’s business who you choose to fuck.
This being said, Raven has a message for the nosy m’fers wanting to know who she chooses to fuck…

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These Masculine Queens Are Actually Gay? Well, DUH.

I thank one of my faithful readers for sending me this story.


I have always thought men who were so anti-gay, were gay.
Imo, gays are a mirror of them.
They hate on them because they hate the way they are feeling.
Later in life, they will be regulars at Splash, standing on the wall hoping to be noticed.
Pay attention to all these masculine queens, as I like to call them, on Twitter and Tumblr.
(George Hill and Steven Beck for example)
They give a GREAT straight and hate gays showing them love
(although these boys enjoy the attention from all the thirst).
Low key, they are giving a solid GAY and don’t know it yet
(or maybe already do?).

But, this article sheds some light on my theory...

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Jamari Fox Is a Self Loathing Bitch of a Coward Who Needs To Be Executed.

I believe every comment,
whether negative or positive,
can help you grow.

I believe in constructive criticism and that not EVERYONE will see your point of view.
I also believe some people pull things out their ass and want to drop all their personal shit on you.
I was in a meeting earlier today and I got the buzz on my phone that I had new messages.
I am always excited to read good comments, but then I saw a comment that… well…

well let’s just say I was in for it… 

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