Raven Did Not Confirm Nor Deny… and Neither Should You.

I am LATE with this story,
but only because I was letting ya’ll marinate with it first.
(that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

I am not one to out anyone.
Nor do I believe that it is anyone’s business who you choose to fuck.
This being said, Raven has a message for the nosy m’fers wanting to know who she chooses to fuck…

Apparently, this is Raven’s alleged boo:

She is HOT.

I will say this…
you will be surprised how many lesbians are in this entertainment business.
They always focus on Wolves, but Vixen on Vixen is an un-spoken movement.
I’ll drop this for you guys:

Many of those video vixens and strippers you see in videos or whatever are lesbians…
but will go straight for that check.
They may even be paired up with a gay rapper/athlete/singer to keep his sexuality on STRAIGHT.
I have gotten word of many a video vixen/stripper down at lesbian pride events.
This is a very “image” business and the more “straight” you appear,
the more you sell your brand.
Just dwell on that for a while.

…that is all the TAILS I have for you today.

also, it is funny to me how vixens are saying they would go gay for raven’s alleged boo and fuck her too…
yet straight wolves can’t even compliment another wolf without being labeled gay or a giant homo.
ain’t society funny?

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Raven Did Not Confirm Nor Deny… and Neither Should You.”

  1. In the black community, we’re so afraid to face our sexuality. We cloak it under “it’s nobody’s business…” or “what I do in my bedroom is my business”. It all boils down to the toxic shame that probably won’t be eradicated until several generations have died off.

    1. ^but is it wrong that you just don’t want to disclose that?
      everyone doesn’t always want to be the rescue ranger for gay rights.
      there are many white people in this business who are gay and private about their affairs.
      it all boils down to your comfort level.

    2. I agree with you Que, their is an issue with sexuality in the black community, but it affects the black male the most because he has to deal with stereotypes. Women are accepted when they come out as a lesbian or a bisexual. At the end of the day, people can sleep with whoever they want.

      I do think Raven is down with the ladies though and their is nothing wrong with that.

      1. And that’s why blcks barely progress. The ones that do stop caring about those stupid stereotypes and arecalled sell outs, acting white, punks etc when most blacks are the punks scared to do what they want . Read comment below ” cmon son!” ??? Smh. Tip: REAL life thugs DON’T like to come across as hood/thug or whatever else it is blacks and black gays call it

  2. Like I said before, had she not said anything, this story would’ve went away (after all, when your sources are MTO & The National Enquirer…c’mon son!); I think she made it a story by responding…with one of those “I’m gay/bi, but not gonna say it” spiels – however well-written it is. I think Raven is hot, and if it doesn’t work out, she can call me lol

    And women can compliment other women – that’s always been the case…we can say someone is ugly – if they’re Shabba Ranks awful – but that’s about it *shrug*

    1. ^but secretly,
      wolf is hard in the pants and counting to 100.

      she should have let the silence speak for her.
      queen latifah does a good job on doing that.

    2. I agree.

      That said, I love Raven. She is the definition of self-made and I love a woman with hustle.

  3. i like what she said i really didn’t have much to say about it because i don’t think it should matter however society does make it ok for woman to compliment another woman but not men and if he does he will say some shit like “no homo” ugh i hate that shit

  4. The whole compliment thing is an American issue. I’m 20 now, when I was 10-16 abroad u see guys telling other guys they look sexy as a compliment even with each others girlfriends standing next to them and it’s not seen as anything. I got called fine boy, pretty boy , handsome by dudes I mean the hood thug of dudes it was not anything America is just a sexualized country

  5. People going to say what they want anyway. I wouldn’t care ravens a beautiful educated smart women. At least she ain’t living a double life trying to impress the next mofo.

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