this new era for nicki minaj is fallin’ flat-tat-tat-tat

i don’t understand “stans” these days.
nicki minaj gets over 2 mill on a pic,
has a ton of followers on all her social media platforms,
and her barbz will attack you on command but…

It’s not unusual for a single to slip on the charts in its second week of release, but it’s also not common for a single to fall 70 positions after just one week. Unfortunately, Nicki Minaj has now experienced that type of collapse twice in her career.

Back in 2017, Nicki’s “No Frauds” featuring fellow Young Money acts Drake and Lil Wayne peaked at #14 on Billboard’s Hot 100 before falling to #84 in week two. The Queen album creator saw her new single, “Megatron,” suffer an even worse decline.

“Megatron” gave Minaj her 34th career Top 20 song when the track debuted at #20. However, the “Heads High” inspired record suffered a 72-spot collapse in its second week on the Hot 100 chart. After reaching #1 on the iTunes chart, the track now sits at #73.

i’m confused.

the song is not a game changer.
it’s just a “cute” song.
i cringed at her having the same stans ( x rap to the megatron beat ).
what’s the purpose?

it was way too fast for her to come out with music.
a couple suggestions:

drop that bum (or keep him hidden in the background)
clean house with her current team
hire a ghostwriter who will help her
lose some weight
righting her wrongs
drop some collabs with the new vixens
hop on unofficial remixes of some current songs

i know hiring a ghostwriter is “beneath her“,
but what she’s doing now isn’t working either.
she may need some outside “help“.
the barbz aren’t on their jobs so a ton of shit just ain’t working.
she’s about to suffer the same fate as lil’ kim.
isn’t that ironic?

lowkey: i dig this classy ratchet song…

i wonder what nicki would sound like on a remix of this?

article cc: allhiphop

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “this new era for nicki minaj is fallin’ flat-tat-tat-tat”

  1. I hate to revel in someone’s fall but I’m loving every minute of the fall of Nicki! Her attitude is giving her karma.
    She also needs to makeup with Safaree cause he was the one writing all her hits.

    1. What proof do you have that Safaree wrote her songs? Safaree even stated that “he did not write her songs.” You can go to Vibe or Allhiphop to see that he did not write her lyrics.

  2. Pride before the fall!!! Nicki better do like Cardi B, let someone else write for you, some up and coming writer/rapper. She won’t do it though because she’s too prideful.

  3. I love u and everything, but this post ain`t it. So many things are wrong here, you telling her to drop her man who treats her right as far as we know, to lose weight 😕 (is this going to magically help her career or something? If so, let me know) , and to get a 👻 writer. Are you forreal? Like Megatron was just a cute summer bop, not the song of a new era, and it did well on the chart, albeit for a short time but even if her stuff doesn’t stay on the chart that long, it doesn`t diminish her. She is still one of the best rappers we have right now so please put some respect on her name.

  4. Nickis garbage music always had an expiration date. If she would have stuck with making good hip hop then we wouldn’t be discussing this but she panders too much and she makes too many corny commercial songs that go nowhere. Lil Kim maybe done but her hits will feed her until she’s old and grey. I highly doubt Nicki will be performing in her 40’s.

    1. Apparently you have not listened to her catalog of music, because she has done R&B, hardcore rap, as well as other types of music. When she first came out, she spoke highly of Lil’ Kim. Also, Kim is no angel sleeping with a married man and having beef with Foxy. Oh, for her to be garbage, she sure is the highest selling female rap artist of all time and has surpassed many male rappers as well. Her net worth is more than Kim, and Biggie was writing for Kim, until he past.

      Also, Queen went platinum in two months of release and had gold and platinum singles off of that album. The rhetoric of her flopping needs to stop, because she had a great year in 2018 and I am sure her new album will do well.

      The bad attitude that people are saying that she has is another rumor that someone posted on the internet and people ran with it. Eve and Trina said she is a nice person.

      1. Yall Nicky Garbaj stans are doing too much. No one cares about yall writing dissertations about people’s opinions….stream that whack ass music instead of arguing with people on blogs and Twitter.

        1. Excuse you?

          I was educating the previous poster about The Queen of Rap and that was not an argument.

          Also, our Queen recently pulled out of a country that had booked her that it is illegal to be gay. She cares about us (including you). Also, while you are at it, go purchase a copy of Megatron. The single that went #1 in numerous countries.

          1. You mean the Queen of Flop

            Why do you girls lie about things that can easily be googled?

            Number one in what countries lmao surely aint the ones that mattered.

            Nicki Garbaj only pulled out the kingdom after getting dragged by her lacefront across social media.

            Her career falling faster than the fix a flat in her ass.

            Thank you for playing but the foxhole is a no spin zone.

            P.S. I dont engaged in wasteful spending, so their will be no Megaflop purchases here.

        2. “Why do you girls lie about things that can easily be googled?”


          If that what you call yourself now, I am happy for you, but I go by science and you are still a boy and born one. Also, what did I like about that you googled?

          Also, who are some artist that you enjoy listening to?

    2. Why wouldn’t she be performing in her 40s? She will be 40 in less than 5 years and has millions of people who enjoy her past albums. Hence why she is the highest selling female rapper. Just because she is going through her decline (like all seasoned artists eventually do) that doesn’t mean that people won’t like to watch her perform her older music whenever she turns 40. Nicki is the only female rapper who headlined tours overseas in arenas and is the only female rapper who could do that 10 years into their career. So to think that she won’t be able to perform in her 40s is laughable at best.

      Lil Kim is the same woman who had to file bankruptcy and get a 25k loan from Missy to keep a roof over her head. So I guess her “music” also didn’t sustain her in the long run. She also rapped about sucking cock & guzzling cum but her tone-deaf fans swear that her music has any ounce of substance that reigns superior than Nicki’s. I have to laugh. She is no different.

  5. The female rap game is pretty saturated right now with Megan The Stallion, Saweetie, Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks, Asian Doll, Kash Doll, etc. with industry plant Cardi on top… Nicki doesn’t stand out any more because the general public has options.

    1. I just think she’s having a decline like most seasoned artists but shes not a flop and I’m not a Nicki stan. She just had a international tour and Queen did numbers. Nicki chillin and making millions she has nothing to prove and these newchickz are barely selling singles no one is really selling albums these days.

      Saweetie is whack that song gives me a headache with all that yelling. But i fucks with Meg the Stallion 😏😀

  6. I’m not one to salivate in people’s downfalls.. However;

    I don’t understand why people like to act as if Nicki’s music not charting well as it once did is a unique situation. She is a veteran artist who broke records, sold millions & peaked. A decline is inevitable. 50 Cent (who has the worst attitude ever) had a quicker downfall in music but I don’t see anybody writing think-pieces clowning him when his music was tanking in the charts. He fell off before the 2010s. Jay Z’s music doesn’t sell either hence why he does deals with Samsung to cheat his way to platinum certified albums as a way to save face. He now uses Beyonce as an attempt to sell records but his album with her didn’t even get a gold certification. But I guess people keep a different energy for women.

    I do think Kenny is a bad look for Nicki but she clearly loves that man so that is beyond me. However I doubt that Nicki collaborating with other female rappers (who all can’t chart as well as she does apart from Cardi) will do anything for her career. That narrative has been run down to the ground & honestly these female rappers have shown their asses way too many times not to notice that they themselves have attitude problems. Nobody tells Beyonce to collaborate with Normani but yet Nicki gotta throw these lil girls a bone? She doesn’t owe them a dime let alone a collab. She came before them. Nobody tells Jay Z to collaborate with Lil Pump or Kodak Black. But Nicki gotta reach out to these Instagram rapping heffas? Make it make sense.

    The “Megatron challenge” was probably orchestrated by her team in an attempt to use social media’s omnipresence to gain more streams after they saw early reports of the song falling down the charts. On another note, she already fired her entire team & already made her own covers to current songs and received hate for “clout chasing”. The same was said when she brought out younger female rappers out in the UK when she performed there in March. Nicki can’t do right for doing wrong. She’s not perfect & has her flaws (we all do) but I think it’s okay to actually admit that there is a online hate-train for her rather than constantly pointing the finger.

  7. Nah she is just done for the moment.. I mean they been trying to replace her for awhile now and they finally did it with Cardi B (who makes fun songs and is more relatable to the ratchets but at the same time isn’t half the rapper she is). On top of the Remy Dissing her which cleared the way for Cardi and the media (even though they won’t admit it) using the same tactics they used to try to destroy Lil’ Kim when Nicki was rising her rap career as far as people really fucking with her new music is a Wrap. It’s cool tho, she had her moments and had a great career. Now the antics are starting to destroy an almost Legendary image. You know truthfully what fucks Nicki Minaj up is the rabid fanbase. I can’t stand “Stans” of a lot of the bigger artist but hers and Beyonce are particularly annoying and Disrespectful!!!! They be reciting “Stats” and things they have nothing to do whether the music is good or not!!! They really fucked it up for artist to the point that the average listener or commenter that actually has a constructive opinion not negative does not want any part of them or their gotdamn music!!! Really a sad time for music because it has become so disposable. I hope she diversifies her position. Put somebody on that would be the smart move. Back somebody do features do some Hollywood shit and collect checks. Her brand at this point needs to be bigger than rap. It could also be she has gone as far as she can go in the rap industry. Move on to other things but pop back in occasionally. Let the New Girls have it.

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