this is one moment you don’t want to be tasting another male

this is my favorite flavor from the “arizona” brand too.
it’s about to be ruined because…

copycats are so lame.
i don’t have the energy to curse his ass tf out tonight.
he’ll regret this when he’s fighting to keep his booty hole a virgin in jail.

lowkey: we really need more mental health awareness out here.
trump’s america is showing me how bat shit crazy folks really are.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “this is one moment you don’t want to be tasting another male”

  1. Nasty bastard!!! I hate to wish ill on a person, but this MF right here, I hope he gets fucked up some kind of way, also the SOB that recorded him.

  2. I got a punishment for him. Why don’t they tie him down in the middle of a busy street and invite people passing by to spit into his open mouth. Let’s see how much he likes that. What is wrong with people? And I hope they show the same energy with him that they are showing with those two ice cream lickers. I don’t want to hear anything about white privilege.

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