i liked who i was before the mercury retrograde

the mercury retrograde is kicking my ass.
i’ve been feeling so off these last few days.
one minute,
the day starts out cool,
and the next,
it’s turnt tf up

my emotions feel like they’re in the spin cycle.
its crazy because life has been going smooth.
for once,
things are working on the outside.
on the inside,
i feel really off.

I never know how to get back “on” during a retrograde.

i can’t put into words what’s wrong.
i know one thing,
i need to work on two things:

a) trying to be a perfectionist especially at work
b) feeling like i’m invisible when i’m around wolves

every thing that has been going “wrong” lately leads back to them.
i need the retrograde either go or help me be better.

( x read more about the retrograde for cancers )

“Mercury retrograde can cause things to feel out of order. Areas in which people generally thrive may suddenly seem to to be clouded with newfound difficulty.

“People are prone to taking things out of context and misconstruing messages, while some may have trouble conveying thoughts and intentions. Just about all forms of communication—whether it be negotiating, buying, selling, speaking, listening and editing—may seem to face some roadblocks during retrograde.”


Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “i liked who i was before the mercury retrograde”

  1. it’s retrograde szn. mercury plus 4 other planets are currently retrograde. i had to pull out the sage and palo santo 😂

      1. you can! or carry some uplifting/protection crystals like rose quartz, black tourmaline or amethyst. avoid arguments too!

  2. Well I guess I am not going to complain about this, my Zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury and it has been favoring me on the Gram with both the boys and girls. I been posting some of my summer workout pics and my DM’s blew up so much, until I was like what is going on in the Universe, one minute nobody is paying you any attention and the next you are more popular than ice cream in the summer time. I was joking to a friend this weekend that I have never had this much attention in my life and it must be the stars aligning for me. Even a dude I was Crushing on who is real poplular on the Gram, who I have never said a word too, only liking his pics, hit up my DM’s and told me if I am ever in his town to hit him up. I am still smiling on that one. So whatever is going on right now in the Universe, I am not going to complain because with my luck- Today I will be singing a Love Song and Tomorrow I will be singing the Blues.

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