oh Lawd, look who they are thinking of playing “storm” now

so you know how we been campaigning for a better “storm“,

sidebar: “dark phoenix” was a ( x mega flop ).
i think they finally got the message the public was over it.

it seems for marvel’s “black panther 2“,
they have allegedly begun the search for the actress to play “storm”.
these are the alleged two they have in mind…


I love BOTH

nicole is amazing actress as is aja.
i have a love/hate with michaela on “how to get away with murder“…

…and i hated how they did nicole on “sleepy hollow“.
i love that it was cancelled shortly after.
i want to see nicole win.
i have a serious crush on her too.
i enjoyed her peformance in black mirror’s “striking vipers“.
i want to see both of these beauties win.
 i can take one of the other.
so i’ll ask the foxhole with a poll.
between the two alleged choices:

Aja Naomi King
Nicole Beharie

Who would you choose to play as “Storm”?

[poll id=”3″]

lowkey: i knew disney would get it together.

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “oh Lawd, look who they are thinking of playing “storm” now”

    1. Nicole is a better actress and comes across more versatile in being able to adapt to different roles, looking at her past work.

    2. Simone Missick played the hell out of that role in Luke Cage. I doubt we’ll see any of the Marvel characters from the Netflix shows on the big screen anytime soon smh which is unfortunate because they’re much more grounded and interesting. Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones were really just getting good.

      Disney is determine to bring back wack ass Fantastic Four and a Black Widow movie no one wants, and likely a Captain Marvel sequel that’ll be boring because she’s too overpowered.

  1. Man, while I love both choices I wish she wasn’t being introduced during the Black Panther Umbrella and her own origin first. Hell all the X-Men get their own origins and then come together to form the plot around Giant X-Men Comics and start a franchise there. Too bad we will never get the X-men vs Avengers

    1. This isn’t true. It’s a rumour.

      Feige said point blank that the next 5 years of Marvel will not include anyone from Fox because they have been planned without those characters. He wants to introduce them after the upcoming “mini phase”

      Maybe black panther 3 but we all know they haven’t planned that out yet since they’re still deciding on a villain for 2.

  2. I’m not familiar with her, but just from looking, I see it for Nicole! That bottom gif of her, I envisioned white hair & eyes…and I was happy 🙌🏾

  3. Neither they should go with an unknown. Not that they are not good actresses but I think they should pick someone from the continent of Africa that is!!!!

  4. I’m here for Aja! I don’t know the other girl but she’s gorgeous. But Chadwick is older so maybe a vixen in her 30’s would be better.

  5. It should be Aja. She brings a certain thing to roles. Nicole would look better but Aha can make me feel it more and she and Chadwick look better together

  6. Because fox never really did much with the character, I think the MCU could introduce her sooner than some other X-Men characters.

  7. It would be neither. Ryan Coogler hasn’t finished the script for Black Panther 2. Plus I’m sure Feige will pick a much lesser known yet academy nominated actress. I can see him going for Kiki from the Beale street movie. Both actresses are good but they are “tv talent”

  8. I’m not buying that they’re really putting Storm in this movie yet.

    You definitely have to have a build up and I heard Ryan Coogler is just starting to write for Black Panther 2.

    If anyone’s seen the Black Panther Quest cartoon, I think they should definitely go in that direction and explore more of the origins of Wakanda and past Kings and Queens in flashbacks.

    In any event, Storm has to have sort of an regal presence. Aja Naomi King is a little young, although Nicole could probably pull it off, I think a beautiful, unknown actress from Africa or Haiti could pull it off.

    Nicole would be better as another love interest Black Panther has in the comics that I believe is an American black woman.

    Please don’t bring back Killmonger. That role should’ve gone to someone else. Killmonger was supposed to be genius that is always two step ahead of T’Challa, not some angry thug.

  9. Nicole is very Beautiful.. ( I am a X-men comic fan from wayyyyyy back before the movies and thought IMAN or “Naomi Campbell were” ROBBED!!!!). Halle was Not the best . In fact, they(Marvel) do pretty horrible at casting “Storm” .. Neither of these lovely and talented Actresses are right still ( Sigh)

  10. Part 2 – Black Woman don’t age and Storm was originally seen as a “Goddess” in early X-Men Comics . Her African Past was a big piece of her character.

  11. Historically Storm was a dark skinned Black woman (modeled after Grace Jones). Halle only played her because white Hollywood is racist jew devils who think we all look alike; she was also the top billing Black actress at the time. I voted for Nicole because she has range and Storm would be a great role for her. Aja can continue giving her HTGAWM checks to her white man.

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