are you getting the right pipe that you paid for?

i miss the good ol tumblr days.
i miss the days the baiters would randomly leak pipe leakage.
the right pipe.
this is before it became a money making business.
i’m not mad at how folks their money,
but i do have a question

How do we know these nudes on sale are real?

a legendary tumblr baiter,
is cock teasing the masses with this today:

i’m ready…”

…but how do we know this is legit?
slapmyfatty was responsible for this ( x legendary pipe leakage ),
but he leaked safaree for free when tumblr was poppin’.
i’ve heard his baits these days are questionable with authenticity.
i spent an hour yesterday deciphering if baller wolf for the giants,
saquan barkley,
alleged pipe leakage were legit.
his belly button and abs was different in the alleged “nudes”.
i could be wrong tho,
but folks are spending good money for potential fake shit.

i feel like the baiting game is not as good as it was on tumblr.
these days,
i feel like some folks are selling random nudes.
shit they got off “grindr” or “jack’d“,
but doing a heavy repackage.
i think these headlines:

“Got Lebron James nudes for sale!
Jack off videos included.
100 tagged/200 un-tagged.
Sale ends at midnight.
First 20 get discount but price goes up after…”

…are too good to be true.
it’s often a random dm convo that can be faked anywhere on the net.
sometimes it’s real; other times it’s a joke.
so before you get excited to drop 200 for a nude file collection,
i’d like you ask yourself…

“Am I getting what I paid for?”

…because you sure not getting no refund.

i’ll be tuned in for those alleged tremaine nudes tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “are you getting the right pipe that you paid for?”

  1. Have you been to his Twitter? He’s now claiming that someone is trying to discredit him by photoshopping fake nudes and putting his name on them. Lmfao I kid you now. His twitter is @SMFseason.

  2. Slapmyfatty/slaymyfattyseason has lost his mojo. He is legit selling faux nudes now. He tried to pass off some dusty trades nudes as Jidenna and the girls over at LSA pulled out their detective skills and proved that wasn’t Jidenna. As far as Nicki’s ex, meh, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I’m surprised he wasn’t resting on that, letting his name remain in the ether, but he got money hungry and ended up crushing his own credibility. Where are the Saquon nudes?

  3. @JamariFox…. I use love me some slapmyfatty on tumblr, but they use to get their page cancelled a lot bc people use to report them so much. He use to have the best content. And other pages were so damn jealous. But, when he went to IG and was charging people $5 JUST to follow him and then add’l fee for pics and vids. I was like nope. I have asked so many times. Who joined his IG account. I have not heard a damn pin drop. IF people are on the account they aren’t reposting pics. And they sure as hell aint talking about it.

  4. I think its an interesting topic. Honestly if you’re into pictures Tumblr is still a good place to go, it’s nowhere near what it use to be, hopefully, they figure it out but they still have viable content. I think people are just hard up for money now and no one knows how to produce good content. I like to support Only fans accounts but recently I subscribed to some new accounts ( I like to give people a chance) and they have the nerve to only have 10 second clips and then want to contact you with messages begging you for more money in order to get a 10 or 15 minute clip, I’m sorry but that’s not how any of this works. Create content, stand behind your work, and charge what its worth…. Just be honest. It’s just way too many people out here trying to hustle you out of your money

    1. I completely agree. I use to have a Nat Turnher OnlyFans ( was obssessed with his short fat dick. LMFAO).. But, I cancelled that shit before the next month renewal bc he had limited content. And he doesnt even nut in any of his vids. So, basically you just dry humping even tho there’s penetration. as far as these damn 10 sec vid clips, I heard that the dude name Lamont (poor man’s Odell Beckham Jr.) does that. He requires you to pay extra for longer vids. And if you complain he will block you. lol

  5. It feels wrong for someone to profit off these guys ignorance. They don’t know they are being baited when they send nudes.

  6. That is the hot topic on LPSG LoL, and even the foxhole was hotly discussed on the Urban Forum from the Thomas Jones leakage. Many are now questioning Slap My Fatty Authenticity, saying she is selling Frauds up and thru the forest. Oh well who knew it was a thriving market with lots of money to be potentially made and anyone who knows a little about capitalism is that it is a system set up to fraud you out of your money. I would never send anyone any money on the Net if I didnt have any type of recourse to get a refund. If they not selling the nudes on Amazon Prime, I am not buying, but thank you all for all these free leaks LOL!

    1. ^hi foxhole of lpsg.
      i loved-ed you.

      but seriously tho,
      no one should be spending their hard earned funds on fake pipe leakage.

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