The Rise And Fall of Lance Gross

I find athletes so fascinating.

And no, not because I am physically attracted to them.
Their come up stories and their downfalls always interest me.
A lot of them do not have the right people around them and then POOF…
… there goes career, the people, the Vixens, and the Foxes.
The movie, The Last Fall, highlights the fall of a player 2 years in the NFL league.
Sooooooooooooo I want to see this movie!

….and no, not because of a potential half naked and sweaty favorite Wolf, Lance Gross…

Like this. right. HERE….



But I feel anyone who likes a Baller Wolf would enjoy this.
Not to mention a potential hot and sweaty Lance Gross.

That is always motivation enough to get to the theater.

Bonus Flick from that Bitchie Vixen:


I wonder if he would let me handcuff him and do nasty things to him?

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “The Rise And Fall of Lance Gross”

    1. Baller Wolves issues is they live like they are fearless.
      They are gases into thinking they are invisible.
      Hopefully that lockout calmed them down.
      It made them so scared.
      it was almost cute lol

  1. When you come from a poverty mentality, you tend to spend your money on things to blow up your ego & appear rich to the masses…the cars, jewelry, etc. They never had much money in college, had been given most anything they wanted, and never learned how to manage their money, or say no to all the hangers-on pulling on them. I believe the NFL & the NFLPA are doing rookie symposiums to school players on the right decisions. It doesn’t help that there’s no real pension plan to speak of & these cats get beat down…medical bills are a bytch.

    I mean look at the mages we see – it’s all surface, nothing about making your money last.

    1. I’d hope the player’s association is working towards changing these things. There’s enough money within the league to individualize programs to help with the wellness of the players.

  2. This is a story that needs to be told. One lof my friends was cut from four teams and ended up playing arena football for three years. Everything you heard is true: check-to-check, lingering effects of serious injuries long after the game is done and DL players. Can’t wait to see this film.

    1. ^^that is so scary.
      Many end up alone with nothing to show for themselves.
      All that money during your prime with no long term investments.
      Magic was smart to open those chain o movie theaters.
      I would push my Ballet Wolf to think 5 years down the line rather than 5 days.

      during those 5 days,
      you can get a life altering injury… and then what??

  3. LOL he’s from the Bay and our families are close
    The Vixens are so thirsty when he comes out here smh
    But Jamari, I don’t think he’d let you do that to him…
    But I would… 😉

  4. Looks like a good movie and a lot of the stats are right. I mean look at the news or just remember what your fav ex player is doing now. Alot of them live way beyond their means but they have no guidence. But there are a few who know how to save and spend so it’s not all baller wolves. Im still waiting till a player comes out publicly and writes a tell all book

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