Super Smash Football Brothas (Sunday Is Game Day!)

Well if you couldn’t get enough of the game Thursday…

Get ready for Sunday…

So Sunday is the first day of the NFL season.
All the Wolves getting together at each others houses,
talking back to the screen,
and letting the testosterone flow.
Turn on, ain’t it?
Best time to get some great sex is after a ball game.
Dunno why… something to do with all that settled energy needing to be released.


I know I am looking forward to seeing:

…and so many more that I sure will take 5 pages lol.
Good luck on your big day, fellas.
As for my Foxes out there… GET READY FOR MEAT!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Super Smash Football Brothas (Sunday Is Game Day!)”

  1. Thankful we got football this year, and even more thankful that I get to see these fine asses on my flatscreen every Sunday. It doesnt make sense to be this fine, gorgeous, and rich(for the season anyway). Its nothing like the intoxicating swag of football players, no other sport even comes close. Dez Bryant, that man right there whew lawd!!!!!!

  2. Did y’all watch the Dallas/Jets game last night? Gerald Sensabaugh’s ( Cowboys #43) peen was on showcase the entire game! Trying to find some good screen caps or pics to share.

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