The Most “Beautifulist” Thing In A Long Time

ready for it?…


jay z could never deny this ain’t his child.
jay in the nose and mouth.
b in the eyes.
= blue ivy.

lowkey: seeing pictures like this makes me want to have a baby.
then i realize they are only cute til about 5.
pretty much over it.
i’ll think kid when i can afford to give it the finer things later on in life.right now,
i’m on the bachelor plan.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “The Most “Beautifulist” Thing In A Long Time”

    1. ^people were saying blue was ugly???
      that’s rude.
      i always thought,
      like their lives,
      they were keeping her private.

      i know the surrogate rumors are still following her…

      1. Yea they were saying that because Bey wasn’t showing her enough. You know all the haters wanted Blue to be ugly. This is the best pic we have seen of her.

  1. She is a beautiful baby. Now everyone can stop saying that Beyoncè wasn’t really preganant, she had a surrogate, etc. This baby looks like them all the way around. There’s no denying it. Someone will come up with an insult or rude comment just to hate. smh.
    P.S. I want a baby also…lol

  2. Aw, that pic actually touched my cynical heartstrings :-), that is a beautiful baby and I think she is a great mother and I hope she will be able to give her child a normal childhood as best she can, how can anyone hate on a precious baby, I hope she keeps her out of the spotlight, she doesnt owe us this at all as a public figure. It looks like she is really happy. I see her mom and her nephew Daniel in this baby.

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