The Game Resurrects Jesus And Brings Him On Stage To Bless Him

where is that beyonce gif when i need it!
the game has a new album called…

he is doing this whole religious thing.

he didn’t think the whole internet would be talking about this shit right here…


i guess all in theme with his new album?

lowkey: has his reality show changed your mind on him?
get the pipe and send him on his way.
that’s what i’m thinking.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “The Game Resurrects Jesus And Brings Him On Stage To Bless Him”

      1. Now I keep my dick from married men’s butts, but If he offers it to me I just might have to take him down. He got a cute face, a fat ass, and he’s short too. I got a thing for short men with nice bodies. He’s fun sized lol.

      1. That scenery behind him gave me a thought. Could you imagine having sex with him while out on a yacht in the middle of the ocean? *sigh* He’s gorgeous.

      2. LOL at fun size..yeah i agree.
        hes not your average muscle dude or pretty boy. He’s the normal handsome guy. His bride is beautiful btw. Why would he have a website of just his wedding? hes not that known.

      3. That would be the highest tide ever. I’d lay him on his back and he can wrap his legs around me and it would be over.

      4. @Swaggonauto, some people do it so that people who were not invited, can still get to “experience” the wedding.

        @Man, When its over, he can put his ring back on.

  1. It hasn’t changed my opinion of him. He’s exactly who I thought he was.

    I already knew he was about his kids and being a good provider.
    I also know that he’s childish and has a hard time growing up.

  2. once upon a time I honestly fell for the illusion that game was ACTUALLY gangster, then he did a rap with Odd future tyler and came on Top Model then I realized he was ACTUALLY another awkward weirdo like Lil Wayne

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