some white folks have the word “n*gger” locked and loaded in an argument

they say when people are angry,
like the same effects with alcohol,

the truth usually comes out.
you will be shocked to know what your family and friends really think about you.
it can go both ways.
remember that time you threw some vicious insults at someone that offended you?
same rules apply.
i’ve seen it a lot in interracial situations like the one above…

black folks seeking out love and sex from white folks,
only to get their feelings hurt in an argument.
the “national negro wake up call” as one will put it.
a white jackal who i thought was part of the foxhole let loose on me.
he was offended by a past entry and showed me his true feelings.
it was eye opening,
but i’ve learned that’s just how some white people are known to operate.
some black males love fuckin these folks like they got some kind of trophy,
selling out when things are going well,
but as soon as they get called a “nigger” in an argument…

they want to exposed and be embraced back into the culture.

Keep it.

black folks need to understand that someone can sleep with you,
spot you at the gym,
or talk with you every day about hip hop at work and still be racist af.
we can even go as far as to say homophobia rules apply too.
even if they’re not racist and you date/marry them,
you still have to deal with some of their racist ass family members.
i’ve seen it in latin cultures too.
often times,
they’ll choose them over you.
so when i see stories like jacobi up above,
i usually yawn at antics.
they’re usually real assholes to their own people “before“.

low-key: i‘m not saying you can’t date/be friends outside your race,
but stop being shocked when shit like this happens.
and what happens once you’re called a n*gger?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “some white folks have the word “n*gger” locked and loaded in an argument”

  1. But yall keep fucking em though. Imagine knowing the history of white supremacy and still choosing to lay down with oppressors…then crying out about racism. Make it make sense.

  2. They hate us, but you want to fuck us lol, no surprise they’ve been fronting for 400 plus. Although I I have preferences beyond black men. I’m annoyed of the amount of non-blacks that only see BBC when they see black men. It makes it hard, because I have to wonder if I’m being fetishized or is there a genuine attraction. It’s mind blowing that someone can still be racist AF, and yet still will get on all fours for you to dominate them. Which also leads me into this, most non blacks predominantly whites, want to be dominated by black men. Not all black men want to be dominant or tops. The perception of the black male being this overly aggressive BBC alpha, is underhandedly racist itself.

    Nothing to see here, just another trashy loose and battered hole white bottom.

    1. ^they see bbc; we see expendable cash 💵

      i am like you as well.
      i have preferences,
      but it never comes from a self hate perspective.
      fine is fine.
      it gets tricky with white males because you don’t know if they’re fetishizing you or truly want you.

    2. “Not all black men want to be dominant or tops.”

      THAT PART!!! As it relates to the sex industry, I’d argue that dark-skinned gay/bi and trans sex workers who prefer and even advertise themselves as bottoms/passives have to really deal with this. Plenty of dark-skinned sex workers, one which I know personally, prefer to bottom (both in their personal as well as professional life) but due to porn-influenced stereotypes people have these workers conform to their clients’ desires to make money.

      I’ve also noticed that in black gay porn, the lighter-skinned models are usually the (verse) bottoms. But that’s a whole other convo…

      1. But these snow coons act like White is the only option. Plenty of people who aren’t Black that appreciate Blackness as ACTUAL PEOPLE and not a sexual commodity and don’t benefit from White or Ambiguous Privilege.

        1. Many non blacks aren’t better though. A lot of Anglo passing Latinos and Asians have the “bbc” fetish as well. It’s the unfortunate reality of have many black men are viewed in the community.

      2. I’m so glad somebody mentioned this. I think this is what put me off TOPPING years ago. I noticed that non-black men who typically go for black men are usually BOTTOMS who are influenced by porn stereotypes. “BBC rough dominant top destroys innocent pink hole”. It literally turned me off topping because I feel like a prop just for having sex. This goes for topping non-black men btw.

        There is nothing gratifying about the BBC stereotype either. It just reinforces negative stereotypes about black men being scary, violent nymphomaniacs. I’ve never understood how many black men glorify it and see it as complimentary. Please look at the commentary used when the BBC stereotype is used. “Destroy my hole”. I’m sorry but I cringe at it every time.

        If topping is your thing then go for it, I’m not trying to influence anybody else – this is just my own personal experiences. I think this is why I quickly turn away non-black bottoms without hesitation, I personally won’t be your BBC mule. Period.

        Maybe it’s just my own insecurities and I’m looking too deep into it, I know sex is just sex for many. However this is just something that doesn’t sit well with ME

        1. @endless No flaw detected in your statement, it’s not your insecurities. You’re smart enough to know When you’re being objectified. No matter what role you play sexually, feeling like a disposable object would make anyone feel a type of way. I don’t blame you for not wanting to smash non-black bottoms. I lost count of how many non blacks I’ve told I’m more on the submissive side, and they STILL insisted on seeing my dick. They don’t give a damn if you twirling in a tutu skirt, if you black they wanna see the D.

      3. @Jumanji you better preach. Notice black gays who have a huge audience on Onlyfans or the porn industry in general are the same blacks who fit the BBC rough Dom top mould?

        I’ve always wondered about black escorts. I’d think about the ones who prefer to be passive or versatile but have to always succumb to playing the dominant black top because that is what clients want.

        That’s unfortunately what sells. Thats what also put me off interracial porn too. Its like black men can never be multifaceted, we are just seen as long black penises and any black male who doesn’t subscribe to that depiction is seemingly disposable.

        Raheem Shabbazz, Max Konnor are two guys who are really popular in mainstream porn for a reason. Max Konnor used to bottom but has gained traction once he became a “top only” on camera.

        Again I stress this isn’t to discourage black men from exploring their sexual desires, we are free and do/be whatever we want when we have sex. If you want to be a Dom top then be that.
        I’m just pointing out how these racial sexual stereotypes that are influenced by porn can have an affect on our psyche in general.

    1. I hope it’s a horrible joke, because that instagram post is not it! Dehumanising asf. Walking dildo!

      1. Some guy at the protest had a sign that said “your daughters love every inch of us, so why don’t you?” That was one of the most offensive things I had ever seen. Reducing years and years of police brutality and racial discrimination to a sterotype. Like poster commentator above me mentioned, this is so dehumanizing. Quite frankly , stupid as well.

        1. I saw on twitter a white girl wearing a shirt that said “Open you mouth for black lives like you do for black dick.” Like, I am trying to wrap my mind around these sexualized statement, but I can’t…

          1. This is why I like the foxhole. Black gay men with SENSE who see shit for what it really is. I saw BOTH of those pics in the protests that yall are speaking of. And I cringed at both.

            Despicable and distasteful at best. Black men are more than sexual objects smh

    2. I don’t see it as fetishsizing your self. I see it as calling attention to us being used sexually.

      1. Now that I look at it, I can see what you’re saying. I guess how I interpreted that hashtag was influenced by that white boys saying he only sees (dark skinned) black men as BBCs. Well, at least he is honest and open about how he views (dark skinned) black men. Others, like Papi Suave/@jesus_really_, are more subtle with their fetishization…

    3. One reason that I do admire about gay black men in general compared to our straight counterparts is that there is a segment of US (gay black) who actually call out this nasty racist stereotype. I’m not saying that there are no straight black men that have issues with it however I’ve seen many just brush it off. Yes there are gay black men who also brush it off however whenever I see this stereotype being called out in the forefront, I usually see gay black men taking issue with it. Which I commend.

      The stereotype has very racist connotations. Point blank

  3. I feel like these type of people aren’t hard to spot though. They often try to get you to sign onto their racist bullshit early on. “I agree racism exist but why do so many black people kill other black people.” You’ll have conversations like that. It’s a good sign to keep them at arms distance. Racist white are not hard to spot. It’s only when you are preoccupied with wanting something from them that you miss the red flags.

    1. Or you could only make fluid deposits at Black bodies.
      I’d rather get cheated on by a Black man than called the n-word when Chad is mad.
      They don’t make these same arguments defending us.

  4. Okay but whenever they do this, Black gays are the first to say “Not all White gays are like that!”
    Mind you nobody was talking about all White gays.
    They just know they only want pink penis and feel a need to defend massa.

  5. White men sleep with black men for BBC and Black men sleep with white men for privilege. So I guess everybody getting used. 😂

  6. I have dated a white boy. We drifted apart after I moved. My black friends assumed he was somehow an asshole/racist whatever as the reason we ended it. I am a very private person even with my crew. To hear of them say “I am so glad you got rid of that unseasoned cum dump craka.” Really f…n bothered me. N word should never be used but we aren’t all innocent when the show is other other foot.

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