max konnor cums to his senses

the title was too easy.
porn wolf,
max konnor,
seems to have done some reflecting during all the protesting and rioting.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but he was accused of only smashin’ majority white/others males in his studio work.
it seems he wants to make a change in the way he and studios start doing things.
this is what he put up on his twitter

and then posted this as well:

his past way of doing things…


…but i think a lot of black folks are starting to open their eyes.
it’s a shame the death of george floyd had to be the eye opener,
but better late than never,
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Do you believe Max is going to make a change for the better?

…or is this just ear hustlin’ because it sounds “good” in the moment?

low-key: his twitter media changed as well.
the content is him in more black on black situations.

32 thoughts on “max konnor cums to his senses

  1. Well the black bottoms in pron are pock marked, bullet holed, scarred or tatted beyond belief, malnourished, hit in the face, drug addicted, and have never seen the inside of a gym. If Max can manage to find a black bottom willing to get dicked on cam that looks like he knows what a protein shake is, then have at it.

  2. Even growing up I was never into white didn’t do it for me. THEN when I was introduced to gay porn I grossed out when I saw a black guy bottoming for a white top….I still don’t like it seeing a brother dominated by a white top. Even if he was a fine white boy…still. I’ve even dealt with white guys but they were exceptionally handsome and sexy but that thing in my mind kept going back there.

  3. Someone posted that he said something similar back in 2018. So, we’ll see if he really means it.

  4. Firstly I want to give a big shout out to black studios in the porn industry especially those that keep it 100% colored. Porn, like everything else is also affected by the Supremacy of which we speak so nothing new here.

    The systemic racism in the industry has resulted in our boys and gals crossing over to work with those white studios to get their coins. Let’s be real – Both are using each other. Here’s where I have a problem with Max’s comments- HE DOESN’T WORK WITH BLACK GAY PORN STUDIOS for whatever reason so to hear him now talk about ‘CHANGE” well change to what, to being a black man now? So what were you before?

    Not impressed with his comments- FUCK HIM. Pure emotions, trying to be relevant. Most of his followers are white. He’s their poster boy, like Rhyheim Shabbaz , and these white boys know who to call when they want their pussy fucked by a BBC, These NEGROES have no idea that they are being used or if they do, they don’t mind because they fuck so many white boys they forget they are black.

    Look you go where you can get your coins but SOME of the black porn stars are COONS and never work with black studios. The community doesn’t miss him so to ‘change’ now after so many years working exclusively since his ‘fame’ with these PIMPED studios Girl BYE…… . go fuck yourself!

  5. Black males are sought out only because of a particular niche. Porn is made in terms of demand & what people are willing to pay for. They want to see dominant, tough acting, fed-up, big dicked, muscled alpha males. Both straight and gay.

    Aside from ditching the “thug” angle, no one has mentioned, the “masculine” angle in porn either. The idea that gay sex is done by only masculine acting men or that fems or trans aren’t Tops is unsurprisingly swept under the rug. The biggest muscle man who turns out to be the big ole bottom doesn’t seem to be the money maker.

    As someone stated earlier, porn is a business….and that’s it. And they still have to have funding for getting their models tested, insurance, promotional marketing, equipment, taxes…etc. Not to mention, pirating and loss of value.

    It’s not hard to see why some people with Onlyfans won’t last long. You have to keep it Interesting and you have to have new content but you still have a huge bill to pay in so many ways…and if you don’t have a sponsor, good luck.

  6. The thing is black male performers are the most sought out performers in the sex industry in both gay and str8 porn. So I never understood why they let these white companies exploit them when they could easily make their own content without the need of a studio. Which would mean more money.

    I have noticed many porn stars have made the switch to only fans or other similar sites.

    1. There’s definitely truth to that. Ryhiem shabazz is one of the biggest name tops out there now. Every white bottom is seeking him. There is definitely demand for black performers. Black content creators have a role in hiring black talent.

  7. At the end of the day it’s a business. Black owned porn studios are pretty lit, but who is buying it? I am the first to say I don’t pay for porn. I just watch whatever I find on myvidster.
    We have to start supporting black own businesses, so that black performers don’t feel like they have to go to white studios for work. Black porn studios are shady with money because they are barely staying afloat. Some white studios have the same issues. Michael Lucas is notorious for not paying models.

    1. When Black studios make porn with watching, then I’ll support them. Until then, my money stays in my wallet & I’ll check it out for free.

    2. What black porn studios are left?! They also need to stray away from doing any “thug” porn cuz that is so offensive and played out. They need to see them play strong characters, like a lawyer, doctors, teachers, politicians cuz the next thing we want to see if another stereotype of black men label thugs by most of these studios.

      Onlyfans can only get you so far until ppl get bored and they loses their fans and no coins are to be made. I get tired quickly within 1 or 2 months of subbing cuz they don’t update as stated or keep making ppl pay the “pay per view” method after subbing for said price. That shit will drive ppl away.

      1. You made excellent points Kevy Kev. This whole “thug” thing is so tired and pitiful and i want it to go away so bad now. I love vintage gay black porn because the men were themselves & they loved the entire male body. Men that weren’t just “booty bandits” but loved dick just as much regardless of their role in bed. I don’t think we will ever get another Gene Lamar, Randy Cochran or Paul Hanson type again and it’s a shame. And OnlyFans is so overrated and it doesn’t do anything to enhance the porn experience. If I’m not gonna see a “top” bottom or a “bottom” top, then what’s the point? And with the news of Max and his “enlightenment” he isn’t gonna make gay porn better after helping to make it so much worse than it’s ever been.

  8. Max COONor is STILL not invited to the cookout. Keep that RAT far far away from us. Don’t fall for the Okie Doke y’all cause I still think he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  9. He should be more worried about the dried up porn industry as a whole. People aren’t paying for that form of adult entertainment like they used to and studios aren’t paying performers top dollar. You have “Instagram Influencers” turned Onlyfans Stars out here making 6 figures while these porn industry dudes look from afar in befuddlement and lowkey envy. And it’s too late for some of these Black porn performers to capitalize from Onlyfans because they’re already “overexposed.”

    Anyhoo, I wish him well though.

  10. Everyone out here on their “woke moment” knowing full damn well that once this all dies down, they will turn around and do the same shyt they did before. GTFOH
    As Kevy Kev said, talk is cheap. That first nice check comes along…he’ll be fucking someone or bending over for someone.
    I’m not buying it. LOL

    1. Thank you. Black porn stars keep complaining that White studios pay more.
      1-Not all money is good money.
      2-You could start your own porn. That’s what OnlyFans is for.
      3-You KNOW somebody Black who would love to hookup on camera and you wouldn’t have to pay them since we know these coons are scammers/money hungry. They’d see the opportunity to sleep with Max Konnor as a honor.
      4-You aren’t attracted to Black men. Just admit that and get coins from the White boys who love BBC but are silent on Black issues. We aren’t your demographic.

  11. Max was/is bottom when he was slimmer and was working with the black porn studios.

  12. Personally, I forgive him because he has seen the error of his way when it comes to him not supporting the minority communities, and that is all that we want to see happen…change. Honest no going change.

  13. The thing with all of these celebrity apologies is that they very rarely acknowledge what it is they are exactly apologizing for. I remember I use to say “I’m sorry” to my parents and they be like “Nah sorry for what.” Like yes we both have an idea of what you may be apologizing for but just like you committed the offense with your whole chest also explicitly state that offense in your apology post video etc. So that I know and YOU know what you specifically did wrong and then make the change.

  14. I’ll believe him when I see the change. Talk is cheap.

    We need more black owned porn studios in the near future. All these white studios will do nothing but finish the black man.

    1. Here’s the thing, we have black-owned porn studios, BreedItRaw, Chocolate Drop, Raw Freaks, DawgPoudUSA(???), BlackBreeders(???), and a few others, but the problem for me is they all produce the same one-dimensional niche of black gay porn and don’t fix the problems they have with their respective companies.

      Pornstar out here fuin’ with band-aids and bruises, masked and tattoos painted over because they’re DL, copious amount baby oil (do they show up to work ashy or something?), saying nigga every 5 seconds, and being filmed with a baked potato by a director with shiy editing skills and doesn’t pay you on time (a grievance that many black gay pornstars have said about black owned porn companies).

      I think some of these studios need to both broaden the black porn genré and increase their quality. And, quiet as it is kept, black gay/bi men need to financially support these companies as well…

      1. This. EVERY SINGLE WORD!

        The black owned studios out today have failed us. They play into the stereotypes of how a black top & a black bottom “should” be and it offends me as a black gay man and i can’t support them. One issue is I want to see bottoms get their dicks sucked and cumming regularly and I don’t understand why this is hardly every seen in Black Gay studios, if you see it at all (you won’t with Raw Strokes). Max Konnor fits PERFECTLY with the stereotypes of a top who doesn’t suck dick and that Black Godz site of his is full of stereotypes too. If our own won’t the problem and other issues, how can we expect studios like Falcon to stop it? It starts with us first.

  15. Listen…I understand that the majority of the money in the porn industry comes from working with the predominantly white studios, but did he seriously never think to work with black actors as much as he could to counter that racial bias….as a black man himself? Chile, I guess. I wasn’t even surprised he bottomed for Michael Lucas, but I don’t know if it was for exposure or a check.

    1. This is the same Max Konner that said black pornstars should get “real names” and c00ned out for that piss-poor studio Noir Male…

    2. Max Konnor has been struggling with this for a while, but I think he finally experienced real clarity in terms of how it wasn’t just about him and his personal desires and actions, but about the much larger structural and systemic issues of racism and white supremacy.

      He seemed to experience a wakeup call when he experienced discrimination at the Leather Man store in Greenwich Village. But clearly that wasn’t enough. Oh well. I hope he keeps on his journey of self-awareness and self-love. Living in a Yt supremacist society traumatizes all of us, but many of us are so damaged, traumatized, and hurt, and do know who to turn to for help.

      Even with the pain I carry around, I have always seen through Yt people, especially Yt gay men. For many they are the prize, but I have said No way, no ma’am. To Max Konnor & others, I say love yourself, and never forget, all Black lives matter, including yours!

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