lindsey graham: another alleged homophobic (but not really) senator getting his karma?

oh fuck me,
^he’s a cancer (july 9th).
i never understood why alleged dl jackals try so hard and wonder why they get outed.
if you enjoy hooking up with males on the low,
but don’t try to pass legislation to hurt the same gay males you seek out to fuck.
we’re looking at you lindsey graham,
the “soon to be/maybe outed” senator of south carolina.
a sex worker named sean harding posted this tweet…

i’m telling you,

wild card city.
it seems all his alleged past hook ups are trying to form their own conglomerate.
this is a tweet a foxholer sent me from tom d’angora:

if this is true,
this is a “tail” as old as time.
boomer white jackal in prominent position with secrets.
secrets that could destroy him,
yet he continues to think he’s invincible with a nda.
this isn’t other eras where they can hire goons to get rid of the problem.
this is the age of social media where words can become weapons.
you’d think these folks would try to do right by others.


i bet you he wanted to degraded for how he has treated gays in the bedroom.



you know some males in power are into some weird kink.

if this all turns out to be true,
lindsay might be flogged in public embarrassment.
i wonder if his “bff” trump will stay by his side?

low-key: sometimes,
i think folks are blackmailed into supporting others they can’t stand.


you don’t do as they say,
they will have your secrets in these forests.

“house of cards” was an eye opener in it’s prime.

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22 thoughts on “lindsey graham: another alleged homophobic (but not really) senator getting his karma?

  1. Fun political fact: Trump actually hinted at this during the 2016 election back when Graham was against him. And if I remember correctly Trump threaten to out him at one of his rallies. Lindsey changed his tuned quickly but I wouldn’t be surprised if 45 still out him on his way out the door.

  2. If anyone thinks this low life, forever single, no kids, no marriage, cock sucking white dude is NOT paying for sex and taking dick up his ass ….LMFAO…. you don’t know a queen when you see one but I will wait on KARMA..she’s a bitch and she don’t care who the fuck you are

  3. I’ve never been a fan of OUTING someone but he’s so despicable and the way he did a 360 with regards to 45…so let the chips fall where they may babyyyyyyy!!! I’ve always felt 45 had something on him anyway and I think that’s what it is. Karma is bitch. Lady G say hi to that bitch for me!!! 🌈

  4. …ahhhh that’s why he’s been quiet. Watch what happens next. It ALWAYS somehow comes back to bite you in the nuts…or jock strap

  5. LMFAO. My female friend has been saying for years that Lindsey is gay. lol I never paid her any attention bc I dont pay this decrepit white walker any attention. But, bitch, you gay! lol

  6. Jamari did you see that White man who had the Black women roleplay as kidnapping him? White men are into the WEIRDEST kinks.

  7. [ I know this has nothing to do with the “Topic”, However] —

    All this time I thought Lindsey was Trans Male…. Or Ellen’s sister….

    You mean He was BORN Male????????????

  8. If u live in SC this is no secret… it’s people here who’ve been trying to out him for years! Unfortunately he’s too powerful and these hillbillies are going to vote for him either way.

  9. When I tell you 2020 is not playing with Bitches it is shining a light on us all . Damn this has been blowing up on Twitter like wildfire, they say Lindsey name in these streets is Lady G. Most everybody already knew this not so shocking secret but it is incredible how people in his home red state of South Carolina did not punish him for it like they do other Gays, I give him kudos for being able to keep this from them, but I guess if you vote for racist and anti-gay legislation they will always look the other way. Word on the street is that most of these white married conservatives in D.C are on the low and love Black Meat all the while passing draconian legislation to ensure that many Black men will never be able to enjoy rights as a full citizen. These dudes are basket cases and you best believe it is only going to be a matter of time before the truth comes out about Mitch McConnell and many others on the Hill. If you have time google Mitch McConnell military service, it seems to be credible evidence that he is hiding his military record and never talks about his military service due to being busted in some compromising position with another soldier. Dont think our people are the only one who deal with self-hate, these old miserable married conservative closet cases are in another league of hate and they hide behind money and greed and pass legislation for the one percent to make us all suffer. I now realize that is why no RepubliKKKan will stand up to the Orange Demon he has blackmail material on all of them, he knows their dirty secrets and Putin knows his.

  10. Yessss I’m here for this he’s the worse and needs a scandal to force him out

    1. Agree..He as well as that ghastly looking McConnell and a few others needs to be sent home..Useless bunch.. I hope the Repugnants will lose tthe Senate..

      1. God yes! For the life of me I will never understand how these men have been in office for the number of years that they’ve been. That’s ridiculous. There needs to be a two term limit for anyone seeking Congressional positions. This is why shit can’t get done, because you have these old heads standing in the way. I wish these escorts would expose these old racist coons.
        I bet that bird-looking McConnell got some little boys stashed somewhere.

          1. That was pure desperation to attempt to keep his majority. Nothing to be shocked about. He knows the public tends to blame the party of the president. If Hilary was precedent there would have been no stimulus.

          2. But JamariFox, the stimulus mostly went to huge corporations and billionaires. It has boosted Wall Street, which is why there are 35+ million people out of work, facing Great Depression conditions, yet Wall Street is soaring….

  11. The question becomes how was he financing all of these appointments? With whose money? #votethemout

    1. Lindsey Graham is a millionaire. That’s how. Also, maybe someone should look into his campaign spending? Not saying he’s using that $ for that purpose, but he wouldn’t be the first if he were.

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