So, J.Lo Is Now A Lesbain?

The trap door finally opens?…

Studly backup dancer Casper Smart has been datingJennifer Lopez for seven months, has exclusively learned one of his fellow dancers says Casper’s actually gay and is just using J.Lo for her fame and fortune!
Joshua Lee Ayers — a dancer at Hollywood nightclub Boulevard3, whose worked on Glee and with artists such as FergieLL Cool JNatasha Beddingfield and Ludacris — has been blasting Casper on his Twitter account.

Check out Ur boy… And his low key homo ways,” Joshua wrote on a photo of Casper that he posted on his Twitter account in March.
In the photo, Casper is shirtless, wearing shiny gold short shorts obviously stuffed with something, a sparkly bejeweled belt, a scarf and a deer hunter hat while surrounded by other shirtless men in their underwear.
On May 24, Joshua posted another photo of Casper showing off his cheekbones with the caption: “I know what I know, Not love, a lot of business and public relations.”
Joshua and Casper appeared in the 2010 dance flick Step Up 3D together and have done several dance gigs in the past.

As previously reported, Lopez, 42, and estranged hubby Marc Anthony announced their split last July and only four months later she was openly dating her 25-year-old backup dancer boy toy.
“Casper is not gay. These comments are born from envy and jealousy,” the couple’s rep, Mark Young, told

“It must be a slow news day.”

I am so dead at that lip pout tho.

But seriously it must be a slow news week.
A male dancer who is gay?



Before you cuff this one J.Lo,
I think you may need to check if the peen is sweet…. for real.
That pipe must be mind blowing if she let this one slip under the radar…
…OR, he may actually just be straight.

Let this walk in front of him:

…and then we will know for sure.

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7 thoughts on “So, J.Lo Is Now A Lesbain?”

  1. Ol Casper, well I be dammed. That pic does say a lot about him, I don’t care what anyone says. I think the whole relationship is fake though. J Lo’s career isn’t what it used to be, so if more evidence of Casper begins to surface we will know what’s really up.

  2. LOL! I knew this from the beginning! I knew his colors were the rainbow! They way he dances with Jennifer doesn’t say “This is my love/my woman” more like “I’m having fun dancing intimately with my best friend”. When Jennifer and Marc danced together you knew they were a couple! Body language tells it all!

  3. One picture doesn’t mean the dude is gay. IF he is bisexual or gay, J.lo would know and it’s obvious that she don’t care and he is getting his life.

    Apparently his former dancer friend is feeling pressed enough to try to frame him as a homosexual (and you know how those messy jackals think being gay is SO bad). He is just jealous that he is not in Casper Smart’s shoes.

    This whole scheme is nothing new in Hollyweird. Jennifer is paying for that young meat and Casper is moving up in his career. It’s a business relationship.

    I am not mad….Get your life Casper!

  4. i know people who worked with jlo.
    another one i liked, ruined, by her whole attitude.
    just know,
    everything about her and every man she dates is a career move.
    read between the lines with this.

    1. Well Jenny from the Block is a Leo. Female Leos can’t keep a man worth a damn or usually end up with men who ain’t worth a damn: Whitney, Madonna, Halle Berry, etc.

      Jenny does strike me as a person who would enter a marriage of convenience. Same thing with LaLa Anthony and Alicia Keys, but I have no receipts so it’s just a hunch. *shrugs*

  5. Eh, I don’t care. If he’s a dancer, then of course there’s suspicion – but since J. Lo’s been around them all the time, I’m pretty sure she could tell. Besides, most professional dancers have to be comfortable with themselves & their bodies, cuz if you are straight, you’re surrounded by a whole lotta homos. Either way – he’s getting paid & enjoying life; someone is jealous or scorned *shrug*

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