I Need Kris Jenner To Do My PR for The Foxhole

She can turn shit to sugar, can’t she?
She can put a zombie on bath salts on tv and make us buy whatever it is selling.
Whatever lol.

The Kim stans are rejoicing today!

Their queen has made nice with another queen
…and her loyal subjects are about to riot.

That is queen King B with a Kardashian.
Kid Fury is exploding on Twitter.
I find it amusing actually.
Kris Jenner planted a few stories and then made sure her daughter was front row and center with B.
That is clever marketing.
They fell with that divorce drama,
but then they hired Kanye and are slowly trying to elevate.

Before everyone starts to freak out…

Maybe they took the picture together because both of their men are on stage?

Maybe Beyonce thought Kim was a fan and wanted to oblige?
Maybe Beyonce thought Kim was lost and was guiding her back to her seat?

Who knows; who cares?

All I know is you know I’m not a Kim fan,
but I have met Beyonce a few times and she is very gracious.
She is not a bitch, extremely down to earth, and is very humble.
That is all I got
(although I know I am bout to be entertained with the stans plotting murder)

lowkey: one thing i do love is how beyonce’s fans and stans are protective as hell.
crazy as shit house rat,
but protective.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “I Need Kris Jenner To Do My PR for The Foxhole”

  1. Man WHY would Beyonce want to be around that slut…..DAMN I wish this heffa would go away. I can’t stand this chick…..


    We will NOT stand for this! I am with Kid Fury

    (I am half kidding by the way…)

      1. The question should be what hasn’t she done to her face. I see a brow lift and cheek implants right off the top.

        She went from looking like Vanessa Bryant to a younger plastic version of her mother.

  2. I think Fury was trolling mostly but still lowkey pissed. He’s funny. Lmao but those Kardashians go hard in da paint for real. I think Kim showed her ass right up at Beyonce’s revel show too, but she didn’t get that snap. She def wasn’t bout to let another photo op slip she waved that camera man in for dear life.

  3. KJ is the baddest pimp in the game. She is pimping her entire family, made an empire out of hoe shit. This woman used to be a flight attendant! Look at her now. She’s a pimp.

    If she can get Doughy Chole a baller wolf anything is possible.

  4. Love Kim, but she’s trying way to hard in these pics….

    SN: Dude in the red hat is kinda cute lol, only one who caught that?

  5. LMAO @ “Maybe Beyonce thought Kim was lost and was guiding her back to her seat?” Like get from up here skank.

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