since yesterday,
everyone was on pins and needles wondering about the queen.
not our queen,
but queen elizabeth II across the pond in buckingham palace.
jason lee of hollywood unlocked reported that she had allegedly died.

as you know,
she was recently ( x diagnosed with the rona ) and at her age of 95,
that isn’t a good thing to catch.
we all wondered who was the source that shared with him this information.
a gardner?
it’s always the butler.

In shock,
we all waited with bated breath for the news from BBC.

i fell asleep checking google because this is a big story.
for those who questioned jason,
he was not budging on his reporting:


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after a night and morning of questioning,
and praying for some,
it seems there has been an update on what was happening to the queen…

x see another article here from cnn


jason is still standing by his claims she has left us on his social medias.
every news article and royalist stan has refuted his claims.
i’m sure they have sent their flying monkeys his way too.

i feel like if the queen passed on,
there would be more to it than an ig post from hollywood unlocked.
the queen isn’t a rapper or baller wolf.
she doesn’t have a diamond album or a current hit single.

This is The Queen of England,
one who has been queen for 69 years,
that we are fonting about here.

from what i read,
her death has a lot of plans and changes involved.
i’m sure we’d hear of prince harry having to fly back home.
kate would not be on a solo tour atm.
( x see here )
i could be wrong tho.
i’m glad to hear she is still with us.
from what i’m seeing from news articles and the general response,
it seems jason lee might not be doing too well.
i’m sure he will bounce back from this scandal tho.
they didn’t abandon him from his other scandals,
why would they do it now?

lowkey: jason heard the queen died through a wedding guest?????
per ( x buzzfeed ):

Lee maintained to BuzzFeed News on Wednesday morning that he heard the news “directly” from a wedding guest of British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful. According to Lee, the Queen was supposed to attend the massive, star-studded ceremony in Wiltshire on Tuesday. (This flies in the face of the fact that the Queen was not included in any published guest lists, she has no personal relationship to Enninful, and she stopped in-person meetings after testing positive for COVID-19.)

Lee said that a guest close to the Queen received a phone call, “reacted emotionally to a few people, and those few people were informed that that’s what happened.”

oh nooooooo.
thats not good.

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  1. Off all news sources in the world, Hollywood unlocked would be the one to the biggest scoop in the world. Anyone who believes that was dropped on their head as a baby lol.
    The Queen has covid, why on earth would she be going to a wedding? Much less Edward Ennifuls wedding, she don’t know him like that. There are processes and procedures in place and an American source will not be the one to break the news! Jason finna get his little site shut down

  2. That was the most irresponsible thing to do, make such a report without checking on his sources, n crosschecking..a friend out of the blue told me yesterday that he saw that she passed away, I couldn’t figure out where he got this. I now believe e it was on Jason unlocked. If she did pass away, for God’s sake it would be all over the news, literally every station live reporting from London, UK. I heard that up to this morning she was up n about, with very mild symptoms. She will outlive many.

  3. Jason must not know how the London newspapers run. Fleet street would have been crawling out the woodwork reporting this had it been true.. trust,it wouldn’t be hidden from them.. Jason should think thrice next time n wait before putting something like that out in public.

  4. First off, there is a protocol that goes out once she does pass. London has to send a certain post through the media and that will be the headline. If anything Hollywood Unlocked would be the last source to reveal that and even if she did, they will keep it quiet just to sue him and punish him for that. Good thing, that has not happened because that is definitely going to stop the world. Presidents have to be notified. London has to follow the protocols that are set for Royal Procedures.

  5. The moment I read “Sources close to the Royal Palace” I knew it was some Bull$hit. The Royal Palace sounds like a Chinese Buffett and why in the hell would anyone at the so called Royal Palace call Jason Lee with the biggest story of the year. He better hope that the powers that be let this blow over and not pay him a visit and turn him into Hollywood Locked Up. He is treading in waters that his bank account cant get him out of. He is low on the food chain and it would not take but a second for him to be ruined forever. He gone Fck around and Find Out up in Lizzie business!

  6. No idea why people assume if a older person contracts rona, they’re gonna die. I have a neighbor that’s in her 90’s and she’s had it and survived. I’m pretty sure Queenie is vaxed and double boosted.

  7. Jason Lee is about as much a Journalist as George Clooney is a Doctor! He just plays the part (and poorly)

  8. The brother that’s married to Kate said Africa is to blame for overpopulation.

    The same Africans with a high infant mortality rate, AIDs, malaria, THAT Africa.

    They have the most expensive African jewels in that castle.

    Britian is built on enslaved Africans.

    May all those decrepit blue veined incestuous creeps get their due.

    God hex The Queen

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