remember that episode when moesha hard outed hakeem’s cousin, omar?

i was so excited for moesha to be on netflix cause i never finished it.
i started the first season,
got to the second,
and fell off somehow.
watching it as an adult,
moesha was legit messy and not a good friend at times tbh.
there was an episode about her outing a gay male,
who happened to be hakeem’s cousin (rip to the actor who played hakeem).

gays are mad at moesha all over again…

i can get why gays would be side-eying her.
we have all known a “moesha” who did this to many of us.
i know 2 who did it to me.
this is an interesting episode to unpack.

1 – He felt comfortable with Moesha and she betrayed his trust
2 – She stereotyped him because of his friend (which many people do)
3 – Moesha went TELLING EVERYONE HI STORY and started rumors
4 – Hakeem had to find out so maliciously and seemed low homophobic
5 – Omar felt Hakeem’s judgment and had to lie
6 – She tries playing the victim and proceeds to gaslit him
7 – What if he wasn’t gay at all and Tracey was his platonic friend?
8 – What if Hakeem ended up outing him to his family and all hell broke loose?
9 – What if Omar took his own life because he wasn’t able to tell his own story?

this was the 90s so the execution of gay stories was always messy.
what was messy in this episode was moesha tho.
she can be like other she-jackals that fan the flames of homophobia.

lowkey: as a kid struggling with his sexuality,
i remember that episode making me feel wild uncomfortable.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “remember that episode when moesha hard outed hakeem’s cousin, omar?”

  1. This was the 90’s this is when whatever dude name that went on Ricki Lake came out and outed DL men and then went on Oprah. Everybody was shocked like they didn’t know what was going on. You don’t have to assume but sometimes the signs don’t lie. However it’s nobody place to out somebody because they don’t have to deal with those consequences. So for a gay person to clock Omar, would that be any different than what Moesha did as any other girl/woman would do? That ear ring gave it away. Tracy just came off as that gay that was trying to get his “trade”. That doesn’t mean they ever did anything, it just mean he was willing to do anything to get Omar away from Moesha. Moesha has and was always shady. She was the Queen of Messy. Moesha was never a good girl. Dee always saw her bullshit. If Moesha was on now like the reboot of Fresh Prince, I guarantee you Moesha would be bent over in Que bed like Chloe Bailey was in Swarm. Who sneaks out and spends the night with their hood boyfriend and don’t do nothing? Que was tearing them walls up. And he was short and skinny, you know he had dick

  2. Lol, seems like this disdain for Moesha comes in cycles, ’cause apparently people had time durin’ the pandemic to re-watch and get outraged based on this writeup below… I like the conclusion of this piece which stated “what they [displeased Twitter users] are doing is attempting to make sense of a 1996 television episode through a 2020 lens. And for many, they came away from re-watching Omar and Moesha, hating Moesha.”

  3. I hated that show in the 90’s. This is a teachable moment that you gotta be careful with the company you keep, she was being messy because she was bitter that she couldn’t get that dick once Tracy entered the room. Girls love being a gay man’s friend as long as he isn’t a threat to her getting some dick. That’s when the claws come out. Catty ass bitch! Moesha was snotty ass brat who needed her ass kicked or beat depending on the person. I preferred the Parker’s!

    Yes rip to Hakeem and Andele!

    1. ^oh i def know.

      it’s not a dude’s fault that another dude wants him while the vixens do.
      gotta tell ‘em stop blocking their blessings by being hateful.
      ol cock blocking ass hoes.

    2. Yall are putting 20 on 10 lol. It was the 90s, and her character was supposed to be the savior who ‘gives him the courage to live in his truth…and blah blah…’ Those tweets are def applying retroactive 2023 wokeness to 199_ (?)

      1. Thank God you get it,just reading the comments and thinking these guys are blowing things out of proportion. Besides we don’t even know what her exact words were,girls gossip a lot, and it wasn’t exactly common for straight guys to keep flaming gays are close friends in that time,,at least she realized she did something wrong, besides the gay friend was kinda rude to her, and you know how vindictive high school girls are sometimes.

      2. @Jason Bourne My cousin had similar criticisms of the show when she watched it in the 90’s. So it’s not just how that show is viewed with modern eyes.

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