Porsha Williams Needs To Take The Dead Battery Out Her Back

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.04.33 AMam i the only one who thinks porsha williams is a doofus?
i mean i use to think she was backwoods country,
borderline slow,
and a follower for foolishness,
but last night’s episode of #rhoa officially made up my mind…

what a disaster she was with cynthia in that restaurant!
she was an hour late,
which i’m vex cynthia actually sat there and waited,
and then had the nerve to have an attitude with her.
not only that…
she went off on cynthia…
tumblr_nesyetnAAL1tcbhsqo1_250like what is wrong with her?
she needs to her shit together.
she stay letting nene put a battery in her back.
nene don’t love ya’ll!
that is not the winning team.
listen you know i love kellon deryck,
and i know he does her weaves,
but porsha gets on my damn nerves.
he needs not mention her during pillow talk.
she is sexy and has a nice body,
but her brain be on that “off” switch.
she likes to fire so much shots at kenya,
but then ends up shooting herself in the foot with her own gun.
the same foot that usually ends up in her mouth.
…like who actually cosigns this vixen?

lowkey: kudos to cynthia on that “no fucks to give” bitch movement.

x watch last night’s episode here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Porsha Williams Needs To Take The Dead Battery Out Her Back”

  1. People on instagram were letting Cynthia have it tho, but I am on her side. People claim Cynthia was boring, but when she stands up for herself they are mad. I think people side with Porsha because she is similar to them. Think for a second. She is ratchet, uneducated, and lives off other people.Three qualities a lot of people have that are nothing to be proud of.

    S/N: How bad did Phaedra look at the beginning when they were talking about Apollo? You can really tell that she is stressed out. DAMN

      1. It’s sad. People are taking Porsha’s side because they believe Cynthia wouldn’t talk like that to anyone else like that, but that’s not true. Remember, how she dug into Kenya at the beginning of season 5? Cynthia took quite a few jabs at Kenya. Cynthia gets into Nene too this season. People forgot about the scenes from the trailer. This was not her first time telling someone off? People are just mad because it is Porsha, and they can relate to her.

  2. I am on Cynthia side, but I don’t understand why people are attacking her for. Then again like The Man said you are who you associate yourself with. I never notice Porsha until yesterday and I must say wow she is DUMD, not dumb, but DUMD because that is whole nother level of stupidity. I know her grandfather must be disappointed.

  3. Did you all notice JJ James in the clip with Claudia Jordan when they were introducing her? I can’t wait to see his sexy ass.

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