What That Mouth (Won’t) Do

tumblr_me794yovy21rwn4ito1_500one thing that drives me crazy is a dirt mouth.
have you ever met an attractive dude,
the outside was looking’ real good,
his pictures on instagram was on fleek,
but as soon as he opened his mouth,
it smelled like the garbage of a coroner’s office?
no bueno x’s 110.
mouth hygiene is very important in your daily interactions.
you can smell really good with your scent,
but that can trumped if your breath smells like straight dookie.
you know its real bad when you gotta use the word “dookie”.
now not every day will our mouth be “so fresh; so clean”,
but these are tips to avoid violating someone’s nostrils

lets do it two times a day

i tend to brush my teeth about twice a day.
once in the morning and another before i go to bed.
i don’t know what is with this trend of not brushing before work,
but that definitely needs to stop.
nothing worse than standing on the train and smelling someone’s breath.
this is with their mouth closed.
ive had a few mailroom wolves come to work,
try to start talking to me,
and their breath has “that smell”.
you know “the smell” i’m talking about?
that rotten “between the teeth from the night before” smell.
tumblr_lq15dhfziC1qgn24ho1_500stop talking and go handle that.

go deep in-between

lets talk about flossing.
now i know some of us are guilty not flossing regularly.
i can raise my hand with that.
they say you should floss every day after you brush.
we should.
when flossing,
slide it up and down to lift the butter from between ya teeth.
like so:
floss…and please smell it after wards.
that’s what you maybe giving to people.

gargle and then spit it out

nothing wrong with a little gargle and spit.

well there is actually.
listerine is great,
but it contains a lot of alcohol.
products containing “alcohol” are said to not help with bad breath.
it actually dries your mouth out and enhances it.
so try mouth washes like scope or crest pro health.
( x learn about the best mouth washes here )

use your tongue

you ever notice people with that white gunk on their tongue?
well that causes most of the bad breath issues.
plus its just disgusting to look at it.
imagine sucking on it?
you can brush your tongue with your toothbrush.
you can also invest in a tongue scraper.
uytfgyhjkwhen using the tongue scraper,
don’t rub it too hard because it can irritate your tongue.
take it to the back of the tongue and move forward.
it may cause you to gag,
but try to rub all the white gunk off.
once your tongue is pink,
you are good to go.

don’t act allergic to it

this is a little secret i discovered.
if you have bad allergies,
sometimes the mucus in your head can drip into your stomach.
tumblr_m2abbnARfv1qbc06wo1_500once down in there,
it can cause a lot of bad breath issues.
if you think this may also be an issue,
try an OTC allergy medication.
anything that helps dry up the mucus in your head will help tremendously.
if that doesn’t help,
go and see an allergist.
they can help test what maybe causing your allergies.

i can feel it in my stomach

another bad breath issue is stomach issues.
acid reflux or anything that makes you throw up.
you can try over the counter medications like zantac or previcid.
if those don’t work,
its best to go to a doctor and get that checked out.
don’t suffer with that in silence.

chew on it!

 i stay with:

whatever freshens breath quickly

2mintsi’m also happy to hand it out to those who need it.
i don’t want people to go around and say my breath smells like shit.
that is not how this is going to be for my life.
dry mouth
can be a reason for a bad mouth.
drinking a lot of water helps moisten your mouth and throat.


…and whats crazy is people won’t even tell you!
they will have you out here lookin’ and smellin’ all crazy!
so those are all the tips i have.
some severe mouth issues require seeing a dentist.
rotten teeth and halitosis cannot be covered with just poppin’ some gum.
you should also see your dentist as often as you can.
if you have dental,
why not go and see one?
( x read when to go to your dentist )
i know ima be working them out once my dental kicks in.
don’t be out here lookin’ pretty and funky.
that is not the foxhole way!

lowkey: its okay if someone says your breath smells.
its even better if that is “the rumor”.
tumblr_m3ojbvDHiZ1qk0mslo1_500don’t feel insulted.
think of it as “constructive criticism” and fix the issue.
so when people actually meet you and your breath smells fantastic,
they will look absolutely stupid in the end.

if the foxhole else has any tips,
hit up the comment box!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “What That Mouth (Won’t) Do”

  1. My gums hurt & bleed when I floss. Plus, I can’t reach the furthest teeth in the back. It was already hard enough, then I got my wisdom teeth. Oh Lord!

    I heard some cases of halitosis might be caused by a person not brushing every where they should. Some people don’t brush there tongues at all. I had a friend who looked at me funny when I told him you’re supposed to brush your tongue. He also doesn’t wash his back, which might be why he suffers from what some call backne(acne on your back.) I also knew a guy that didn’t wash his feet. He claimed they wash themselves by being underwater. He had some witch-boil looking feet.

    I know a guy that could really use a check-up because his breath smells so bad. I’m afraid to tell him. I usually joke with him and be like “damn your breath stinks.” Then he’s like “your breath stinks.” And in my head I’m thinking “No, for real, your breath is kicking like Bruce Lee’s corpse.” I wanted him to do the spoon test so he could smell it himself but the fucker won’t do it. I don’t understand how his girlfriend kisses him everyday. Or maybe my smell is different from everyone else. This one time he was playing with a little boy, the little boy was like “your breath stinks.” I thought to myself “FINALLY, I have confirmation, I’m not the only one who smells it.” My friends response to the little boy was “your breath stinks too.” I’m like “bruh” kids don’t lie. They say whatever is on their minds. Ugh!… I still try to keep my distance because he loves to get in my face and talk. It’s called personal space pineapple, back up.

  2. Thera-Breath mouthwash works WONDERS! It doesn’t contain alcohol, and you can get it at Wal-mart. Try the kind in the blue bottle if you need the kick of your typical mouthwash. The green bottle is much milder, but still effective. Swish AND gargle!

  3. Yea, I have to brush twice a day. I have a plague issue, not even gonna lie lol. I’ve never had cavities tho.There ain’t nothing nastier than a person with bad breath and then wants to be all up in ya grill. Nah

  4. I co-sign with Over It, Thera-Breath is a great product. The toothpaste and mouthwash with flossing will knock out severe bad breath all day long. Its a little expensive but Walmart sells it like 2-4 dollars cheaper than Walgreens and CVS.

  5. I am obsessed with good teeth and mouth hygiene! I floss and brush all the time! Try not to do it too often though, it can take the enamel off your teeth. I remember when I got my first cavity. I thought I was gonna DIE!

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