What That Mouth (Won’t) Do

tumblr_me794yovy21rwn4ito1_500one thing that drives me crazy is a dirt mouth.
have you ever met an attractive dude,
the outside was looking’ real good,
his pictures on instagram was on fleek,
but as soon as he opened his mouth,
it smelled like the garbage of a coroner’s office?
no bueno x’s 110.
mouth hygiene is very important in your daily interactions.
you can smell really good with your scent,
but that can trumped if your breath smells like straight dookie.
you know its real bad when you gotta use the word “dookie”.
now not every day will our mouth be “so fresh; so clean”,
but these are tips to avoid violating someone’s nostrils
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The Meeting Of Married Guy

Well Married Guy just left my crib and….. *sigh*….

Ok so this is how it all started.

I was laying in my bed and watching a movie alone. I was simply just enjoying my alone time until I started getting bored and wanted some company.

Turned on the chat site to see what was biting but it seemed like all the fish swam to another part of the ocean. So after chatting with the world’s most boring nigga, I get a text from Married Guy asking if I was free and he wanted to meet me. I was in the mood to meet up but not to have sex. Well that is, unless some fine ass muthafucka showed up. He would have def rocked my world tonight. But, I settled to meet Married Guy.

So, since I never met Married Guy, I figured tonight was the perfect night. I got dressed and met him at the train. He was cute in person but he was kinda…. Doofy. He was kinda fragile looking with clothes on. He was taller than me but his style was all the way wack. I don’t know what boots those were but he should never wear then again. Plus, I smelled something that didn’t smell to fresh.

I brought him back to the spot and we talked. I kept on smelling this nasty smelling item that was part of his outfit. When he got closer to me, that is when it hit me like a lightning rod.


I did everything I could to pay attention to what he was saying but block out that mouth venom. I put a pillow to my face, put my finger under my nose, and even my whole hand in attempts to block it all away.

So quick thinking, I asked if he wanted a massage. He took off his clothes to reveal the nicest toned body… But his breath was still the main focus of why I was turned off. So I gave him a muthafucka of a massage (my world famous massages actually) and he was in heaven.

He decided to return the favor, all while tryna sneak feels on my ass. Married Guy was horny and he was horny for this Fox. He told me I have a nice fat ass and if he could massage my cheeks.

Yeah not happening.

So I told him I had to wake up early and he had to go.

He put his clothes on and I lead him to the door. He proceeded to hug me and feel up on my ass. I couldn’t smell his throat disease so I just stood at my door hugging him. I always enjoyed it. He kept saying all the right things to get the boi puss. He was moving his hips up and down – which meant “Ima play this for a while so he will give in and give me the ass”. He kept whispering in my ear about all the sexual shit we sexted about. He felt my dick and I was hard as hell.

I may have slipped…. Until he turned to face me and I breathed in some of that breath shit and it damn near dazed me out his arms.

That was the final blow that made him have to go.

I couldn’t let him lay ontop of me with his breath smelling the way it did. I woulda been fucked into a coma from bad breath.

So yeah, no sex for Married Guy and I doubt ever. And I am okay with that LOL

Later Foxes

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