once you get back to new yawk, you’re gonna be handcuffed until…

they aren’t playing in new yawk with the rona.
we can travel,
but as soon as we get back,
we are literally stalked by the health department and their traveler’s unit.
the pretty vixen mentioned on the podcast that she traveled to cali for thanksgiving.
the health department has been stalking her ever since she got back.
they said if she leaves her spot,
and they catch her,
she will have to pay a 10,000 fine.
so she is literally stuck in his apartment and has a trip to jamaica planned next week.
to check in on her again,
they sent her this text today…

on one side,
i’m like:


…but i’m impressed with how new yawk is tryna handle this.
everyone is still traveling even though we are in the midst of a pandemic.
they said ( x 3,000 people died in one day ) because of the rona,
but i think folks have literally jumped the shark.
i’ll be in the crib since i don’t have anywhere to go,
but i couldn’t help but wonder

Will The Rona ever end with how the GP has ran outta fucks?

like so…

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6 thoughts on “once you get back to new yawk, you’re gonna be handcuffed until…”

  1. Contact Tracing tun up….it’s about time they implement this. Cannot believe 70 million MAGA asshole don’t give a fuck about other peoples lives- including their own. But they have a right to die- just don’t let other people die with them FUCK EM ALL including their leader Heil Hitler TRUMP

  2. I’m flight crew, based in NY, and a native New Yorker…It definitely is on a different level here than other airports and I’m here for it. People have gotten out of hand (as the numbers indicate) and haven’t taken it seriously—so President-Governor Cuomo and New York ain’t playing. The military men 😍 and women meet passengers at the gate upon arrival from high risk cities and that’s where the tracing begins. Flying IS safe BUT it’s the people who think they’re exempt or privileged and try to skirt the mask wearing policies that are the problem.

  3. I am actually glad to see this protocol being enforced. Living in a red state, we AINT NEVA gonna have anything like this because people STILL don’t believe. ESPECIALLY when it come to doing any kind of business. Perhaps the Biden administration will do something from the federal level, but I am not holding my breath. Just wearing my mask, getting tested regularly (as a preventive) and watching my steps…

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