travis dyson is over andrew gillum and has a new man for the scene

the jackals of the forests will always be okay.
some land to their doom,
but others bounce back pretty strong.
travis dyson,
the 1/2 in the andrew gillum scandal,
has been doing his thing out here.
every time you turn around,
he has a big piece of meat in his mouth.
well he announced that he has a new man and it’s andrew gillum!
i’m playing.

fellow porn star,
jay alexander

handsome ass couple.
travis said he was a power fox and jay alexander,
after research:



i guess they have both turned hybrid?
( x a peek into their bedroom )

or this is the typical open relationship most gays love to participate in?

lowkey: i would love to know how travis stays so tight.
you can’t deny he always gets them cheeks clapped good.
( x see it here )
( x and another scene here )

28 thoughts on “travis dyson is over andrew gillum and has a new man for the scene

  1. A friend told me just last week that he sent a photo of himself to Andrew who was on his mailing list, Andrew in turn sent him his phone number to call him.. my friend is a fitness model Jamaican .. he didnt call him least thats what he told me..but I kind of believe him as he’s very closeted. Just thought it was interesting.
    I just saw where someone mentioned That Andrew was uncut.. I saw a nude photo of him and thought he was uncut but wasn’t sure.. Hope he can get on his feet n move on from here.

  2. I remember when Jay Alexander was dating that guy with “The Crowned One” tattoo on his back. He has phatty, but I couldn’t get over his trash music. I never heard someone sing so confidently off key. Rumor has it he’s hung like a horse and Jay was his bottom. I used to get Jay confused with Tyce Jax & Marcus Bellamy. Judging by his ex, Travis has a type. Colorism & featurism are something else. They’ll fuck a phenotypical Black man for a bag, but they won’t bag him. Anyway, Jay & Travis deserve each another.

    1. I never heard someone sing so confidently off key.

      Spits milk through nose

      She was awful… and from a distance, arrogant as hell. I figure she couldn’t deal with Jay fuckin around in adult films.

    2. is Tyce still in jail for domestic violence what happenned to the guy that Travis was involved with before Jay?

  3. I need to know who that man is in the first scene you posted of Travis’. The second one is Bolden, but that first one. Lord Jesus!

    1. Well they’re both materialistic narcissists so they probably got tired of sharing the mirror with each other…

      1. Are you talking about “TheCrownedOne” that liked to sing? The one Jay was dating before he went hardcore adult film?

        I used to follow Jay’s IG years ago when they were dating. I remember he posted a pic of a couple at the beach… one guy muscular and the other average, and made a shady comment about them dating. But he didn’t know them from jump, so could have just been friends. This turned me off that he would shame a guy for his body.

  4. Wait…I thought he was dating fine ass muscle bottom Sean Zevran? Let me go on Twitter and say hello to Sean right quick 👀😂😂

  5. Jay has some serious chemistry in his scenes with Rhyheim Shabazz, XL & Sean Zevran. Other than that…boring.
    He started out topping, like os many others, and then started bottoming for some big ass dicks!!!

    1. Does anyone else remember when Jay Alexander first hit the scene and he was the star attraction at Blatino Oasis out in Cali? I remember thinking who is THIS? Lord hammercy. I give him props for longevity in the biz.

  6. Well no doubt it’s open cuz they’re both sex workers

    Jay was so attractive but his new videos show how gaped his hole as become

    And i don’t trust any Black man fooling with a white guy that exposed a Black man for financial gain he gives me teas of someone using their whitnesss to attract Black coons and then degrading them . Let’s just say I’m sure he says the n word .

    1. Wayment, Jay is Black? Cuz he looks Latino. I mean, if he is, he gives me Black when convenient – so yeah, he definitely lets folks call him n-er in bed.

    2. Word about Travis.

      Jay is mixed but considers himself Black, I thought. Wasn’t he boyfriends with Sean Zevran for a while?

      Now Sean regularly posts about Left politics, the Black Panthers, etc. This summer’s protests really radicalized him, I think.

      I wonder who’s getting some of that Almost-Governor Gillum tail & uncut D these days?

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