Odell Beckham JR Is In The Early Stages of Getting Reupholstered Coochie

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.13.00 PMMOM!
now i know odell beckham jr is the new “hotness” in these forests.
everyone wants to be him
…as i’m sure “do” him.
i should know.
this fox is standing in line.
well it seems odell has found lust love in a hopeless place.
according to tmz sports,
odell is in the “early stages” of dating

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.19.05 PM

The man with hands just bagged himself the chick with that ass. 

TMZ Sports has learned … New York Giants superstar Odell Beckham Jr. is in the “early stages of dating” with Amber Rose

Sources connected to the couple tell us … Beckham began pursuing Rose a few months ago — and they met through a mutual friend. 

Since then, they’ve been texting and talking like crazy — and even went out on a few dates … including a romantic dinner to TAO restaurant in NYC last month. 

We’re told the two really like each other — but everything is still fairly new and they’re taking it slow. Don’t expect anyone to propose any time soon. 

Still, our sources tell us the couple has been doing all the cutsy stuff new couples do — with Odell even surprising Amber with a bouquet of white roses during a night out in NYC. 

tumblr_m0algnibsj1qb2xnoo1_500lord have mercy father in christ.
put your hands on it.
all over it.
now lets define “dating”.
is “dating“the new “fuckin’ completely stupid”?
okay so let me not act like i don’t like amber tonight.
she cool people.
i got a little fiesty when i found out she is trying to date one of my baller wolves.
any straight wolf would love to put his meat in her,
but amber been going full thot-tle since she got divorced.
how much wolves is this now?
well i guess congrats are in order.
if they last a month,
then i’ll know this might be serious.

lowkey: his mother is so strict.
i’m sure she gonna all up in that as well.
amber better not mess up my wolf’s new season either!


article taken: tmz sports

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Odell Beckham JR Is In The Early Stages of Getting Reupholstered Coochie”

  1. SMH. Amber really needs you find her a good man her own age. How old is she again? I know she is definitely nearing her mid thirties. She will not tarnish his name in the media and ruin his image, but he could have done better.

    1. She is doomed to troll the ranks of athletes and D-list rappers…cause no A-list rapper wants to be seen with her. White men won’t mess with her, unless she steps up her game. And if she did THAT…she’d be dangerous. But she prefer to look and act like a skank.

  2. Good for the both of them, I ‘m glad Amber has been getting her fill of good looking wolves ( I never understood wiz’s looks). This will def keep both of these two names out there.

    P.S. Imagine the sex between these two 😌😋

  3. Have you wondered why is it that once you hook up with one celebrity it’s so much easier to latch on to the next. It’s like they’re industry approved pussy/ass. They provide nothing to the actual talented one but a body and good looks. How can we get on this list. I’m tired of the struggle life. They lied to you when they said a college degree would make it easier

  4. It is something about this dude that sets my gaydar off, usually my gaydar is horrible and it might be in this instance as well, but the more I see him, the more I think he may play for the G team, or else he just has a strong metrosexual vibe. I just get a sense he is nothing like he seems, personally he does nothing for me, he is attractive but I dont feel him like that and he is rumored to give the thumbs down when it comes to dating sisters, which I find strange being that he is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The state of Louisiana has some beautiful Sista’s so its real strange he does not give a sister a chance, sometimes its a tell tell sign. He may just be one of these young dudes who dont mind displaying feminine behavior, I know Im sounding like the Black women from mediatakeout and bossip now but I dont sense a totally str8 vibe from him at all. No words on dating Amber Rose, but seriously it smells like a publicity stunt, and the rumors on some of the more messier urban blogs have insinuated that she is a high paid beard. As the old church mothers say, Im gone put this relationship on the Altar and leave it there.

    1. Lol I heard a few stories about him being “one of the kids” too.. He loves to dance clearly. But tbh most dudes nowadays in the media are “metros-sexual” which makes guys more sexually-ambiguous these days. You can never tell. All of a sudden; colored hair, nose-rings, skinny jeans, cuffed pants & over-sized “dres” shirts have become a thing for guys now. So my gaydar can never tell.

      I’m not surprised if he doesn’t date sistas. What baller these days does? The bigger a player is, the less likely that he ever will. Chris Paul, D Wade, Lebron seem to be an anomaly when it comes to this (I know Odell is in NFL not NBA but IJS)

      But I digress, I’ll give this “situationship” a few weeks. Amber clearly likes to get around.

    2. @Tajan….I don’t think he’s gay or bi. These athletes go for the white girls because for many of them, it’s all they know. Once they get out of the hood into college, they are secluded (to a degree) to their own world of athletes and classes. The athletes deal mostly with other athletes and/or their academic tutors. Outside of that they have no time to mingle with the “outside world” (non-athletes), unless it’s at a party…and even then they generally stick together. So you have the male athletes dealing primarily with the female athletes in their own little world, and depending on the school…it’s mostly white girls on the teams. Some are pretty, some are not. At my school, the basketball players (mostly black guys go figure) primarily mess with the female athletes on the softball, soccer, volleyball teams…and the girls on those teams are primarily white. The girls on the track and basketball teams are primarily black…and they gets no play from the dudes. I’ve heard that they deal with the white girls though ’cause they are down with the freaky shyt. LOL

  5. Well…what you expect people this is just the way it goes in that world women like Amber Rose will always get the best top self meat regardless of whether she’s a thot or a perceived thot as long as the brothas co-sign women like her broads like Amber Rose will always get what they want lol! But I’m not mad nor hating on it I tip my fuqua off to her lol! And btw to the person who mentioned him not giving sistas a chance well He’s from Baton Rouge,LA what you expect? Creole girls like Amber Rose are everywhere in Louisiana brothas in da booth have always fawned over creole girls like her so its no surprise to me.

  6. This is PR like Ciara and Russell

    She and blac Chyna have a show coming on MTV, so she needs the publicity and something to talk about during promo for the show.

    He needs a beard

  7. I dont believe a word of this. Her show with Chack Whyna is comin up soon…so who better to get them on the come up than him? Jussayin…

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