My Track Coach Gave Me HIV.

970777_10151610190669228_1929386136_nmeet mario hunt.
he has hiv.
he also got a job as a track aide to get high school boys.
he is now arrested and his life is all in shambles…

A 35-year-old teacher’s aide has been arraigned on charges of abusing a student.

Mario Hunt is accused of criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual abuse, and transmission of HIV.

Court documents accuse Hunt of committing the crimes against a 17-year-old male between January 1, 2011 and June 21, 2011. Sources say the victim as a student at Cahokia Senior High School, where Hunt worked as a teacher’s aide.

The charging documents also indicate Hunt is HIV positive and when he allegedly committed those acts against the student he knowingly exposed the minor to the virus. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the teenager was infected. We don’t know that at this point.

The superintendent says a mother complained to him recently about Hunt and inappropriate communication with her son on Facebook, but he says the conversation did not involve allegations about sexual abuse. Police confirm it is the same boy.


this is one of his social media shots:


tumblr_mdtb4xz9tn1rst7cgclearly he was trying to get fucked.
there are a ton of perverts who get jobs where a majority of wolves are,
age doesn’t matter,
just so they can meet and (get) beat.
it’s sad and actually quite pathetic because they’re so desperate to (get) pipe.
end up ruining their reputation and for what?
well where he is going,
i’m sure he will meet all the pipe he wants:

lowkey: just a warning,
when you see some random underaged child add you on social media,
please realize that is bait for sex abusers online.
this one little white boy added my twitter.
i go to his page,
and his pictures are drawings and toys.
what the fuck are you adding me for?

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15 thoughts on “My Track Coach Gave Me HIV.”

  1. It’s sick, sad and twisted that they are so many men on this planet that work at jobs with children in attempt to fuck them. Like they are more common than you think. I would always have to check the male teachers at my sister’s high school because every time she got in the car, they would all be staring at her as she walks off. #HideYoKids

    1. ^it is so common now.
      the sad part is,
      these kids end up trusting them too.
      i don’t get how these perverts like these young boys.
      i need my wolves of age and looking like it.

      whatever is in the water got some of these 15 years old looking like 21 year olds.

    2. I have no idea what these grown men find sexy about a body that is just now going under puberty. Or maybe they think they’re innocent and won’t tell anybody.

      !!!! 12-17 year old kids look grown as hell these days. Somethin in the milk ain’t clean.

  2. That is sick and twisted! What can a young man possibly offer you? Oh wait, never mind. You mean to tell me that he can’t get dick or ass from anyone else?! Then what makes it 100 times worst is that he was knowingly infected with the virus and still continued to have or attempt to have sex (without protection I’m sure). Hopefully he gets prosecuted for his actions. This is really ashame….

    P.S. I didn’t know that episode of the Boondocks was based on an actually person. I remember that episode…lol.

  3. I don’t like this. Coach was definitely wrong, and we know why he prob. did it. He was already poz, and getting sex might have been hard for him, but shit that doesn’t make you prey on kids, no excuse

    I guess that 17 year old couldn’t fight him off right, unless he was some soft ass dude. Some athletes are soft as fuck. He prob. was some shy quiet dude who was obviously gay. People know who to bother and who not.

  4. This is a sad situation and the entire community is reeling over this. It is all over the news here…which it should be as to serve as notice to anyone that has come into contact with him. I feel so sorry for the student or students and their families. I pray that these children where not infected with that disease. The sad thing about it is, he was very popular and respected, and those kids looked up to him. There are some sick individuals out here who are willingly spreading diseases. Strap up or strap your boot straps up and get to walking, because you cant get close to me without paperwork and condoms.

      1. It’s very sad. Just imagine how this has ruined that young man’s life. He is lucky he is locked up..because I bet there are some people that want to take out a lil street justice on him!

  5. The sad thing is if the young dude is not positive, their will be little that they will probably do other than ban him from the school district and maybe give him probation unless someone else comes forward who was younger. Sadly, 17 is the age of consent in most states, even though this young man was probably not mature enough to spot this predator, and looking at most of the stories on alot of these young boys and high profile dudes, it seems like they know exactly what they are doing. Saying all of this however, as a an adult who has been entrusted with the public trust he is the scum of the earth and will be dealt with accordingly, even if the justice systems fails. It seems like parents are falling down on their job as well in training their children whats appropriate, and stressing the importance of safe sex no matter who you get down with. I have worked with young people and sadly many young men are so hungry for male attention that its really easy to manipulate them, but when this kind of things happen it puts a black eye on all gay men. I was always extra cautious for fear of ever being accused of inappropriate behavior especially with a young male, its so easy for people to believe something like this, especially if their is a suspicion that you are gay. This type of behavior happens all the time with females as well sleeping with boys and male staff sleeping with females. I hope that this animal is brought to justice, but I have seen so many people who do this type of thing get off.

  6. This was the Gagg of All Gaggs, when i saw this on the news. Immediatley contacted my cousin, since this man has been known to get AROUND Jack’d in the St. Louis area……I ain’t lying I ain’t lying

  7. track stars are all gay (bi if you want to be politcally correct). I’m yet to see ONE track star in the schools ive seen that is 10000% straight. never happens. All the gay boys in life tell u they “ran track’ in high school

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