Dwayne Wade Is Trying To Stunt On You Baller Fashion Hoes

dwyane-wade-2013-nba-playoffs-versace-spring-summer-2013-floral-print-game-2-round-2-jacketdwayne wade has always been trying to be a fashionable baller wolf.
russell westbrook got these brothas steppin up, huh?
not only did dwayne have on some skinny capri slacks to game 4,
he also had someone carrying his bag.
what cha think?…


i kinda dig it.
i love the loafers.
i like that someone is carrying his bag tho.
now that’s swagg.
i’m glad he got his sense of style in order:

can you send me the bag with the pink pants?
shit send me the whole outfit.
he came a long way from this:

dwyane-wade-e1343403368672now dwayne is looking smashable.
very nice.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “Dwayne Wade Is Trying To Stunt On You Baller Fashion Hoes”

  1. He’s 31. He is way too old to be wearing some of those outfits. They need to be more conservative.

    Westbrook is still the best.

  2. That suit from last night was TIGHT he’s courageous for wear that lol if it wasn’t for the dark color you probably could measure the circumference of his berries.

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