The Hyena Who Wanted To Out People Ends Up Getting His Face Sliced

“hurt people hurt people.”
one of my readers said this while back and it’s real shit.
remember this hyena here:

Screen-Shot-2013-04-24-at-1.20.06-AMx read entry here

well an f-bi alerted me that he got his face and arm sliced up yesterday:

i guess he’s the one “hurt” today.
one could say it was one of those people who tried to “out”.

another could say it was tyler perry’s group of madea henchmen.
well this is what he said to g list society

“I’m not trying to hurt anybody.  I’m not trying to embarrass or hurt a soul. I’m trying to bring us to together and deal with serious that affect our lives as Black gay men.  What’s so wrong with that? Can’t we all just get along?”  These are the words from controversial online gay personality Walter Lee Hampton in my recent interview with him for The G-List Society.

Hampton’s controversial platform has been argued tremendously beyond his word choices.  At times, he shared the personal stories of others who have once, according to Hampton, disclosed their information (e.g. HIV+ status, depression, etc.) on his public forum and met with instant criticism and backlash for seemingly airing out people’s business.  Yet, those who he has allegedly called out never sued Hampton or had successfully seen the demise of his social media platform.

Those scorned by Hampton’s social media platform rejoiced yesterday as Hampton posted photos of his severely scarred face on his Facebook page.  He is much braver than me because I would never…  The rumor mill spun immediately after the pictures surfaced.  The biggest rumor suggested, according to a text message that spread around Facebook, that Walter was approached by a fem gay who was called out by Walter on Facebook and once Hampton dismissed the confrontation, the fem’s drag queen friends attacked Walter and sliced up his face and arm in revenge over making light of the death of their drag mother on his social media platform.  Though the story sounded believable, I had to get to the bottom of this story and invite Walter to a phone interview to discuss the details of his accident as well his love/hate relationship within the Black gay community.

“None of that is true. It is all false,” responded Hampton about the drag queen confrontation rumor. ”I did not have an incident with anyone in the lesbian and gay community.” He added, “If it did happen, I would have the police find these mothaf*ckas and lock their asses up.”

The plot thickens.

X listen to interview here

well i’ll say this…
i don’t rejoice in other’s pain.
i also don’t believe in kicking people while they’re down.
just watching his videos,
i picked up on something.
he came off so negative.
he was really vindictive and trying to prove something that wasn’t his to prove.
now he he got run up and done up.

tumblr_inline_mhm6vhj5yj1rql8tvpeople always want to pop shit online.
going in comment sections or make blogs talking big shit.
they forget that “hurt people hurt people”.
it’s always a cycle.
i’m not going to say this smells like karma,
but it sure does look it.
something tells me walter kept up with drama anyway.
something in his milk ain’t clean.

lowkey: i know 1 thing,
i did the biggest eye roll @:

“I’m not trying to hurt anybody.
I’m not trying to embarrass or hurt a soul.

right walter.


“And real bad boys are the silent type
Ain’t none of this work getting your face sliced
‘Cause that’s what happened to your homeboy, right?
Bucking with nobody, he got to wear that for life…”

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22 thoughts on “The Hyena Who Wanted To Out People Ends Up Getting His Face Sliced”

  1. I always said you can tell when a person is really crazy on how they word things
    If someone says “you got the wrong one today” they aren’t going to pop off cus they not with nothing
    But if someone says “you got the right one” then you Betta leave that person alone cus they will engage and confront you
    Lets just say what happened to Hampton is what happen when you meet “THE RIGHT ONE”.

    1. Are you calling me crazy? I say that all the time. It just means I don’t take no shit. I got a lil story.

      I just said that “right one” phase a couple of weeks ago when three of the football players tried to jump me over a misunderstanding lol. Yup, they sure did. Some dude thought I done something, I told him I didn’t do it. We talked a little and he seemed like he was cool, it was no signs that he had beef. Then he came to my apt when two of his teammates and tried to confront me, which threw me off. One of roommates, who also is a football player was dumb enough to let them in, along with the other seven people who were in the living room. I opened my bedroom door and was like “da fuck?” I was not having that shit. I started yelling, cursing, and confronting them back. The people in the living room came and to see what was up and separated us. I kicked the dudes out, and confronted them again in the hall. Everyone was trying to calm me down, but I wasn’t tryin to hear that. My roommate finally convinced me to go back inside cause he was going to talk to them since they were his teammates. I was ready af, everyone was telling me how they never seen me like that, I haven’t either lol. Me and dude are cool now, but I had something for him and his teammates if they came for me.

      1. You know damn well we’re around the same age lol. I’m almost 20. Ive said it many times. N I’m not about to let all these people know where I go to school. Nah. Too many people come here for that.

  2. I don’t wish bad on anyone, but this man is one hateful person. He has so many underlining issues with self-hate that it is pathetic, but is disguising it as trying to help the “community” Its funny that he has no problem outing people or telling their business…but he wont tell what happened to him, or why he was locked up years ago. Karma is a evil bitch..I just hope whatever the situation was, I hope he learned from it.

      1. I cant believe Tyler hasn’t tried to sue yet…hell I know I would lol. He is just a bitter bitch hiding behind muscles…sadly

  3. So speaking the truth is negative? He comes off as an older man who’s seen a lot and experienced a lot within the black gay community (including living through the terror of the early days of HIV/AIDS). And as you attest to on your blog, there can be a lot of B.S. and risky behavior in the community. And I can only imagine how much of it is in ATL.

    Much of what he does is advice and warnings for those in the community. It comes off as harsh, but when you’ve lived that life, being politically correct is of seco-significance to making sure people understand how serious the wrong choice(s) can be.

    Don’t like his “outing” of T.P. (though we already know water is wet), and beyond the T.P. thing, I haven’t heard much about outing people. Even though his words come off as harsh (to those who don’t like to hear/see the raw reality), he may very well not mean to hurt anyone. I’d rather someone tell it like it is then give me dangerous lies wrapped in “kind” words and good intentions. The later can be true cruelty.

    1. I actually sent him an email about the messy Tyler Perry video, but after watching his videos, I agreed with a lot of what he was saying, overall I dont think he is a bad dude but he has a way that is off putting to many people. He alluded in one of his videos that he had a construction company and he was a millionaire at one point, dont know how true this is being that it has come to light that he is a stunt queen. I feel bad for anybody who is attacked with violence, its never that serious unless you put hands on me or my family. I guess the ATL queens are about that life.

  4. He said somethings that was interesting concerning relationship: when you TRUST your companion, you won’t be tracking him down by satellite, calling him every minute of the day and wondering where he’s at; just getting on you man’s nerves. He was also saying how important it is for both of you to have separate interest to engage in, having a life with or with a man and for me these words were guidelines to a happy love affair…by the same token jealousy, anger, resentment and bitterness is as cruel as the grave…….there was a time when you could do someone wrong and it took months before you reaped what you sowed. Now it comes around the next day.

  5. did everyone peep that link that boogietonight posted????
    that jackal is cray cray.
    i told ya’ll i picked up on his energy.
    i felt “something” i didnt like it.
    i’m a VERY good judge of someone’s character.
    an f-bi just sent me this:

    x mugshot

    this is the foxmail:

    “She around here putting people down & don’t tell people how her and her bestfriend were frauding the housing market. One was a appraiser & the other one was a loan officer. They would buy homes, over appraising the homes, selling them & making a killing. They got in trouble for it too.”

  6. So he got jumped by drag queens. LMAO…..I wish I was there or something. I know that was interesting. That’s what he get for running his mouth.

  7. damn i haven’t been on here finals killing.. but sliced his face. sheesh.. hope the knife was ‘clean’

  8. I was a Facebook friend with him (never met in person) but he spouted so much crazy shit I had to unfriend. His posts just reeked of negativity and anger…who needs that drama on Facebook? As far as that nasty jagged cut dont he realize you get back in life what you throw out? Got it all together dont you baby? Murphys Law sure gonna get you!

  9. Wow….I have been sitting back and reading all the comments and it’s amazing how our people (once again) would sit back and kick a man while he is down.

    I know for a fact that this man was NOT jumped. A glass door fell on him and he was cut pretty badly. He is in the process of suing so he can’t talk too much about it.

    Now I know Walter have said some things in his videos/facebook that have rubbed many of us the wrong way but a lot of it is the raw truth and the reality. I always say this if the truth sting, then he probably talking about you. I take what I can get from the brotha and then agree to disagree, go on with my life.

    EVERYBODY has done some shit in their life that they are not proud of. Some of us just got CAUGHT #CATCHTHAT. I notice that when it comes to support each other, very few of us can do that but let a queen go through some shit…when it rains, it FLOODS.

    They say fem queens are the worst with gossip but all those butch queens on Facebook are foul. I would like to take a peek in their closets.

    This is why I don’t keep much rainbow company, they keep up too much mess and will tell ALL of your business.

    I wish the man a speedy recovery…

    1. ^morning luckey!
      happy thursday!
      i have a couple questions in regards to your comment.

      1 – doesn’t walter kick men while their
      down also? sometimes even up?

      2 – if he is suing someone and couldn’t talk about it,
      why even put the pictures on social media?

      lastly – if he did intend to show people what happened,
      why not say so from the beginning?
      “this is what happens when a glass door falls on you.”
      no explanation or details.
      why create all this mystery and speculation,
      then release a statement about the glass door once it grew like a wild fire?

      those are what I have for right now.

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