i’m gonna font a controversial statement about joe rogan and spotify.
so i don’t listen to joe rogan.
as long as spotify started pushing podcasts,
i never saw one ad prompting me to listen to anything joe rogan.
i’m not interested in his kind of content.
with him,
i be like mariah in these forests:

he has a particular stan base that loves his shit.
he has been allegedly saying controversial statements about the vaccines.
because of what he has been saying,
a majority of artists have been pulling their music off spotify.
once they started doing it,
spotify users started canceling their accounts.
this is where my controversial statement comes on…

my issue is these are people who are grown-ass adults:


that sounds like a bright fuckin’ idea.
if the american people are THAT impressionable to listen to joe rogan,
the ex-host of a show that made people drink donkey cum for money,
then we might have some bigger problems to address.
i’m tired of the sensitivity of some of these folks in the world today.
how old are some of these people?
no one is holding any of these people at gunpoint and forcing them to listen.
if i was forced to stand on a trap door and had to tell someone about his podcast:

i’ve never listened to what that jackal had to say.
what confuses me is:

I didn’t see these artists and people running off Twitter when Trump was causing pure chaos during his reign of terror.

I didn’t see these artists and people protesting the number of convicted criminals who happen to be music artists with some of their lyrics and content.

joe rogan decides to talk about a vaccine,
one of which you have the option to take or not,
and all hell is breaking loose.
here is another controversial statement:

If people don’t want to take the vaccine,
they don’t have to take the vaccine.
That is THEIR problem; not your, mine, or anyone else’s problem.
If they wanna drink bleach to avoid taking it,
that still sounds like a THEM problem too.

i’m not leaving spotify.

…because no other streaming service suits my needs.
when i go on there,
i go to listen to music.
i am tight that ( x india.arie is pulling her music off ),
but i’ll listen to her music on youtube if i want to hear her.
if a number of my favorite artists jump ship tho,
i’ll consider going to apple music but i’m good for the meantime.

lowkey: people are like…

ya know,
he spreads harmful information with his podcast…”

he damn sure didn’t spread it to me because i don’t listen so…
and again…

we are adults with google and access to all kinds of information.
we have all these resources to do our own research so i’m baffled.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Welp.

    People depend on celebs to raise their kids, so not surprised by lack of accountability.

  2. This is inaccurate but I understand since you don’t listen to him. 1. Joe Rogan didn’t say anything about the vaccine he always encouraged those who want it to take it..It’s the guest hosts who he interviews have radical opinions. I believe in freedom or speech but of course left news media picks and choose who they want to cancel these days. 2. I think there is a place of everything and everything in it’s place. What does Trump has to do with this at all? And what “chaos” are you referring to. One example please. You talk about sensitivity then you’re being sensitive about the former president presidency. I swear people would talk about Trump for the next 10 years. Do that if you want but my mental health comes first

  3. You are 100 % correct!!!

    However, I am convinced that 50% of the population is of Low intelligence and easily swayed. ( Trump becoming president ,Covid Pandemic ,The Church , Homophobia and Racism has lead me to believe this.

    [ Here is my Controversial Statement: ]

    Society needs Laws, Rules , Protest such as this to reign them in and protect them from their” Stupid Selves!!!”

    Ideally it should be a panel of the “Smart ones “with equal representation consisting of Black, White , Bi- Racial ,Asian ,Gay, Trans. Muslim ,Christian ,Straight Etc,etc A Rainbow of equal Representation is essential.

    These ‘Smart Ones ” will make the Rules and Laws for the “50 % Dumb Ones”

  4. I used to watch youtube vids of when he interviews my favorite comedians because he’s quite good at doing that since he’s a comedian too & knows the craft & industry well. Once I found out he was espousing all that anti-vax BS I stopped watching. I’m on Spotify too & have considered leaving before all this Joe Rogan controversy because the CEO has invested in some major military manufacturing stocks & they pay artists so little. However, I’m still there because I can’t bear to switch to apple music & lose all my playlists I’ve built since I joined 10 years ago. It’s too convenient & user friendly to me. Plus I’ve never been an apple products person & really loathed itunes. I wish there was a better alternative.

  5. I think for some artists it’s about spotify’s willingness to pay him a zillion dollars to provide a misinformation highway platform, while paying artists so little. It’s like a slap and then a smack. I know India Arie made a statement addressing that issue.

  6. That part. “Well he spreads information with his podcasts”, and? People spread their legs and bend over having sex knowing the consequences behind that, we see how that’s going. I mean we do live in a society where some white people think they are right by telling Native Americans they need to go back to their own country… so who’s the ignorant one? To this day, I didn’t know Joe Rogan had a podcast. I kept mistaking him from Dana White, the President of UFC. Joe is not funny, he is just a caucasian man with money.

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