it feels like so many people are angry these days.
it’s like the slightest thing will set someone off.
sometimes it feels like you’re walking on eggshells with people.
don’t say or do the wrong thing because they’ll cold clock you.
who knew a piece of steak would send 40 people into a massive brawl?
i didn’t know folks got down like this at the golden corral

Shocking video footage captured the moment a brawl broke out at a Pennsylvania Golden Corral which started after a customer was enraged over the buffet chef serving another man his steak before him

The Friday night melee had involved more than 40 people at the Bensalem location as chairs were seen being thrown in the middle of the restaurant with onlookers and staff watching in horror as the fight continued to escalate.

Customer Alexis Rios said the brawl had started after he received his steak before another person who was there before him.

Witness Gaven Lauletta, however, said the fight erupted after a party cut another one in line and took the last steak. 

Police are investigating the incident with those involved set to face pending simple assault charges.

mm mmm.
mmmm mmmmmmmmmmm.

i hate it had to be “us” fighting over some damn food.
did they run out of steak or something?
they really gonna be going off with the impending food shortages

we gotta be careful how we handle others right now.
some of us even need to check ourselves.
for some of us,
not getting that “last piece of steak” is a big deal.
life is not going our way,
relationships suck,
and jobs be stressin’.
“that last piece of steak” was like ross on friends:


Was “that last piece of steak” was the only good thing going on in someone’s life?

article cc: daily mail

see the entire video: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. So embarrassing.

    We are lost.

    And no, your love of snowbunnies isn’t the way for us to find ourselves before y’all start.

  2. These people fighting are from the 50% “Low Intelligence” segment of our population. They can’t help it and will never change. ( Its not a Black, White or Straight thing.)They come from every social economical, cultural and racial , religious group.

  3. Like the clip says, the chef explained why the 1 customer got his steak before the guy in front of him, and the angry customer didn’t get it. Answer: because someone took his ass out of the hood 1 day and taught him that steak is not meant to be eaten well done!

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