most straight males think gay males look and act like tinker-gaddamn-bell

the straights always assume two things about gay males:

1 – Soft gentle feminine creatures who frolicking within the bushes
2 – Gigantic big bubbalicious mammals waiting to rape a straight male in jail or a dark alley

this is why they’re shocked when they meet someone who doesn’t fit that stereotype.
we all have had our assumptions of each other.
hell have you seen the mess that the straights get into these days?

after (  x yesterday’s post about @jxdahparker ),
saying he would drop a gay male for hitting on him,
this tweet flew down my timeline that i had to post…

most gay males look like this in 2020:

some straight males on ig look like ^that,
but a majority of the time,
they be looking like this in real life:

x picture credit here

either looking like ^that or hit in the face with a shovel.
got the whole nerve to be thinking most gay males want them.
like sir,
get a grip please.
its always the ugly ones who think every gay male is fielding for them.
hell even if they look and act like tinkerbell,
some of these “straight” males be fiending to smash em.
some males give better head than vixens.
we all tend to have superpowers since we the x-men ‘n’ shit.

a majority of gay males,
regardless how much muscle they have,
tend to come with paws:

that or will shade anyone to the white meat.
if they were smart,
they’d befriend gay males to help them with their style and skin care regiment.
you know i stay with skin and self care tips.
most of them ain’t smart and too worried to be gay by association.
sucks to be them.

lowkey: i love when a vixen(s) find out the fine ass wolf they was interested is gay.

“I can’t believe he’s gay!
He so sexy!!!

Ima try to turn him out.”

always tickles me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “most straight males think gay males look and act like tinker-gaddamn-bell”

  1. its always the ugly ones who think every gay male is fielding for them…Sooooo true bro!
    Yo Jamari where u be finding these videos 😂😂

  2. its always the ugly ones who think every gay male is fielding for them.

    PERIODT! They’re lowkey mad. My friend told me about incels. Straight men who can’t get any. And they’re particularly upset about gay men. They feel we get it more than they do and they resent that. So these undesirable heteros are mad sex is given so freely in the gay community and are offended even WE wouldn’t touch them.

    Sucks to be them indeed. Invest in a fleshlight or blow up doll. shrugs

    1. ^that and they been gassed up by their parents to think they are God’s gift.
      it’s always some bum pineapple who thinks everyone wants to suck his dick.

  3. Yeah don’t mess with us gays or catch a fade! We ain’t no punks, whether tinkered looking or not.

      1. Yo, they kill me with the assumptions. Their “straight” homie could very well be a booty bandit, and they don’t know any better.

        It’s not the ones that are out they should be concerned about…it’s the one that could be hanging with them daily and they know nothing about it! LMAO

        I will never understand where these guys get the idea that all gay men want them, when many of them aren’t worth a second look.

        I knew some guys that talked so much shyt about gays in the neighborhood, and later it was discovered they were getting that dick sucked or dickin down the very gays they taunted.

        So these guys need to get their mindset out of the past and realize that gays come in ALL shapes and sizes…with most of them looking nothing like they pictured. Usually those that are so vocal, are the ones with the secrets they don’t want to accept.

  4. It’s funny cause when take care of yourself and don’t fit any of the standard gay stereotypes the same ugly ass dudes act like full on beta males around you. Have experienced it. Ugly bad built females are usually homophobic af on the same lvl too. All weak people battling demons trying to feel better by downing others. Its quite sad.

  5. I blame reality shows and they gay guys that goes on there shows for some the stereotype Stright men few us as.

  6. True but it’s trending more masculine now…twinks or tinkerbells aren’t the preferred target as much now. Although I do have masculine friends who like the fem fem guys but won’t admit it. I love a masculine bottom. The scene is quite diverse these days tho….trap queens and Kings, zaddies’, fem tops all that. Hey to each….

  7. Years ago while on vacation in New Orleans, I went to this gay club that was ratchet as hell full of fem dudes but man let me tell you, some of those dudes in that spot look like str8 up killers, even the drag queens look like they were fresh out of prison and would whoop your ass. I heard many str8 dudes say never fight a “Sissy” many fem dudes motto is “all my life I had to fight” so a lot of these so called bad str8 dudes would be better off keep it moving than try to start shit.

  8. I love seeing the straights get their asses handed to them after they try one of us. That outcome never gets old. The man in the blue fell right to his knees. I love it.

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