most straight males think gay males look and act like tinker-gaddamn-bell

the straights always assume two things about gay males:

1 – Soft gentle feminine creatures who frolicking within the bushes
2 – Gigantic big bubbalicious mammals waiting to rape a straight male in jail or a dark alley

this is why they’re shocked when they meet someone who doesn’t fit that stereotype.
we all have had our assumptions of each other.
hell have you seen the mess that the straights get into these days?

after (  x yesterday’s post about @jxdahparker ),
saying he would drop a gay male for hitting on him,
this tweet flew down my timeline that i had to post…
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Odell Beckham Jr Chest Is More Than Just For Art Work

odell beckham jr has a nice strong chest.
i always wondered what it felt like.
he showed us in a video just how strong it is with his little brother…
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The Pain Behind The Happy Fox’s Eyes

No one truly knows the pain that can go on behind Foxes eyes.

This is dedicated to my Foxes out there in the struggle…

I am a proud Fox, but I am in constant battle within myself.
I am not scared to be honest because honesty is always the best policy around dese parts.
Trust me when I say though that I have been all 4 of these issues:

Sometimes, we have no one to talk too.
Sometimes, we have so much hurt that we do not want to talk at all.
Some of us have been used as sexual playthings to satisfy the desire of unsure Wolves.
While others have never been touched and dream of being rescued from our lonely dens.

Which Fox are you?

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