Michael Sam Is Done

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 2.23.14 PMso michael sam is not playing football anymore.
surprise surprise?
well you know how he was ( x drafted to a football team in canada )?
yeah thats done…

On the eve of his team’s exhibition opener against the Ottawa Redblacks, defensive end Michael Sam has left Montreal Alouettes training camp for personal reasons, the Canadian Football League team announced in a statement Friday.

Sam, the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL, previously spent time with the St. Louis Rams, who released him last preseason, and the Dallas Cowboys as a member of their practice squad before being let go. He signed with the Alouettes in May.

“The Montreal Alouettes organization would like to clarify the situation surrounding international defensive end Michael Sam,” the team said in a statement. “Friday morning, Michael asked the team a special permission to leave training camp and return home for personal reasons.

“The Montreal Alouettes fully respect Michael Sam’s decision and rally around him to offer him all time and support needed. The team has left the door open and Michael is welcome to come back whenever he feels ready.”

i’m sorry?
“personal reasons”?
i can’t with michael sam anymore.
i bet you he wouldn’t bail out of that “dancing with the stars” tour tho.
i’m just sayin…

story found: espn

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Michael Sam Is Done”

  1. You can obviously tell he doesn’t want to play football at all, in fact has he really played football before because I am sensing some publicity stunt. I honestly don’t like him that very much he seems off to me.

  2. Dang yall we don’t know what the personal reasons are. It could be family or anything really personal to HIM. :Let’s just respect his decision. The Montreal Alouettes said that the door is open for him to return when he is ready. Let’s not condemn the man for something we know nothing about.

  3. Say What???? Personal Reason, did Suzy Q just up and leave and he cant deal? This pineapple right here gives me he may be a little Koo-Koo. Where is the Britney Gift when you need it.

  4. He is not done.If he was done he would have packed everything.Yahoo Sports Canada says he left with one small bag.In all likelihood he will return in a few days.Hopefully nobody in his family is ill.

    1. Yeah, that title is very misleading.

      The problem is that the circumstances under which he is leaving isn’t really clear.

    2. He probably didn’t pack that much anyway cause knowing football players and macho men, they can wear the same clothes for a month and could careless if it sticks

      1. Well he is gay ,do you think a gay guy would leave with just one small bag,leaving the rest of his stuff in Canada? LOL
        In all seriousness the Montreal Gazette says it may be a family emergency.

      2. You mean his boyfriend cause have you seen that twink?
        But I don’t know cause isn’t this his third or fourth attempt to become a football player? I think he’s definitely committed to his relationship, but to football, no

  5. I am just gonna have to pray for him.

    From what I’ve heard, he got into his feelings at camp and WANTED to go home.

    (Emphasis on the “WANTED,” not had to go home to take care of something).

    A lot of his supporters are pissed, and with good reason. Doing what he didn’t care that much about football.

    And it’s sad. It seems that he is repeating the cycle of his dysfunctional family.

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