Michael Sam Is Now A Single Baller Wolf

overandonewell i guess this sheds some light on why he up and left canada for “personal reasons”.
soooooooooooo guess what everyone?
michael sam is single and ready to mingle.
thats right!
the snow fox and him are no more.
*spits on ground* patooey!
the forests were talking about the snow fox not wearing his engagement ring anymore.
also something about michael erasing all the snow fox’s pictures off his instagram.
yeah this is serious.
get into what “the daily mail” had to report…
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Michael Sam Allegedly Left Due To Not Takin’ It Like A Man

Michael-Sam-GQ-Cover-Featureso there is more coming out about michael sam leaving the montreal alouettes.
see what i did there?
anyway looks like michael sam left because he figured out what we all knew.
check the alleged reason behind his disappearing act…
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Michael Sam Is Unemployed No Mo!

well it has finally happened.
michael sam has a job!
and guess what?
its playing football for crying out loud!
that means no more dancing for stars,
the snow fox can give up a few shifts,
and michael won’t have to go and sell avon.
michael was just signed to the cfl with the “montreal alouettes”.
espn has the news…
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