Michael Sam Allegedly Left Due To Not Takin’ It Like A Man

Michael-Sam-GQ-Cover-Featureso there is more coming out about michael sam leaving the montreal alouettes.
see what i did there?
anyway looks like michael sam left because he figured out what we all knew.
check the alleged reason behind his disappearing act…

Michael Sam’s disappearing act in Montreal was due, in part, to his diminishing chances of making the Alouettes’ roster.

Sam, who signed a two-year deal with the CFL team last month, requested a leave of absence on Friday and hasn’t been back. The team suspended Sam on Monday, a calculated move that allows the Alouettes to retain his rights while he’s away from the team.

While Sam hasn’t explained his absence — the team says he’s away for personal reasons — the Montreal Gazette reports that sources think Sam fled Montreal once he got a sense that he would not make the team.

The newspaper reported that the “theory … in the Als dressing room” is that Sam wanted to spare himself and the team the awkward situation of trying to explain Sam being cut.

should i bust out the “britney” or “oprah”?













oprah-19-1well i’m just going to say it.
i was right.
i was right with the last entry and the entries before that.
haven’t i said time and time again the wolf just ain’t good?
he is a bust.
the first drafted openly gay baller wolf is a bust.
its also extremely unprofessional for him to just up and leave like that as well.
like who does that?

lowkey: he could as well become an actor and let some rich wolf sponsor those cakes.
ms6its time to cut it out and be real.
then again…
if he can’t handle this,
then he can’t handle rejection at castings.

article credited: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Michael Sam Allegedly Left Due To Not Takin’ It Like A Man”

  1. For some reason, I was never rooting for Sam. Something always smelled off with him. I got my confirmation when he signed up to do a reality show while trying to join the NFL.

    To be honest, I think he’d rather be a “Kardashian” than a football player.

    Speaking of Kardashians, Caitlyn Jenner rubs me the same way.

    I’m not buying what the media and publicists are pushing on us.

  2. Lowkey…watch him and Vito try to be in Couples Therapy….

    ….but he pretty much burned a lot a bridges. Even the mainstream gays are pissed. Now he probably even won’t be able to do speeches or anything.

  3. I agree with Lurker on all points. At least Michael got some new teeth and a GQ cover. That’s something right?

  4. Talk about a flash in the pan, I think Mr. Sam got caught up in the glitz and glamour and saw all those riches and this fabulous life in his reach but forgot the other part of the equation is that you have to work hard. I think his 15 minutes are up and he has to face the reality that all these people who had a different agenda for him when he first came out are going to be nowhere to be found. I will not be surprised if he whores himself out to be on some trashy VH1 show just to keep his name in the spotlight. Maybe he will go quietly in the night, but at least he set the blueprint for the next player who comes out for what not to do.

  5. I want him to disappear. I don’t like him. I don’t know him but I still don’t support him. He seems very opportunistic. He’s just another dumb footballer however this one happens to like the same sex. Disappear!

  6. I honestly don’t think his career has folded because he’s gay I think his career has folded because he’s JUST NOT GOOD! His abilities were never excellent and just promoted him simply because of his sexuality and he comes off as condescending with a sense of entitlement. Gay or not you still have to work hard in the world. However when your work ethic is beyond expectations it will continue to work on your behalf even after your gone out of the room. Michael will be okay all in time maybe his passion doesn’t align with his god given purpose. We as people think that since we’re automatically perfect or gifted at something that it’s our purpose. So I encourage everyone today focus on your purpose not just your passion.

  7. I’m very disappointed in Sam. He really seems more interested in celebrity than football. The white gay glitterati pumped him up, making him forget he is still an athlete who has to produce or get cut. He needs to find something else to do outside of the spotlight. Way outside the spotlight.

  8. He comes across disingenuous and opportunistic. I agree with Lurker and Run. Him and Caitlyn are milking it for personal gain rather than spending time trying to unravel myths and misconceptions about their demographics or just quietly working on his football and making a name for himself. They just need to disappear. Michael is a clown, and not a good representation for gays, much less black gays AT ALL!
    In my Hermione Granger voice: “What. An. Idiot!”

  9. SMH. Crazy. Either he wants to play football or he doesn’t. Make up your mind Michael. People have been giving him the benefit of the doubt as far as his true intentions, but after this they are going to jump off the wagon.

  10. It’s a lot of pressure on him and if this is the case, he probabaly felt like it would be humiliating if he was cut from a third team. Especially with all the media attention he gets. Perhaps he isn’t that good of a player compared to other professional players. Honestly, hundreds of guys probably go through this all the time but we just never see it because they never make it to the spotlight.

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