Kim Kardashian Stay Getting Fucked… Literally. woke up this morning and was SHOCKED with what we found. A NEKKID pic of Kanye West .. .. giving BACKSHOTS to a CELEBRITY!!!

We confirmed that the pic is indeed AUTHENTIC. And the woman in the pic . . . well we ain’t just yet. But let’s just say that when you find out WHO it is that Kanye was FREAKIN OFF . . . you’re jaw will fall ALL THE WAY TO THE FLOOR!!!

We’ll reveal shortly . . . Developing . . .

I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiink… I know who is responsible for this joint…

I don’t think I have anything else to say.

Kanye’s body is looking like of mean though.
Damn Yeezy.
I like the pose of this picture.
I wish we could see it in LIVE motion.
You know SHE is all to familiar with “home movies“.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Stay Getting Fucked… Literally.”

  1. Some people are claiming that this is from her sextape with Ray J, but i don’t know. Kim is fine, but I don’t respect her like I used to. She came up in the world by laying on her back. SMH

  2. If Kanye were a regular person trying to talk to me, I’d still think he’s everything. He’s always been fine to me. I do believed he’d be more into the lighter side of things though.

  3. Didn’t she use to be black?
    Why does she look some white California trailer park trash recovering from chemo?
    No wonder she got dumped.

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